The experts have ruled! And here are the most common causes of divorce

When you are in a relationship, you are never safe from a break-up, the same for married couples… In recent years, the number of pronounced divorces has averaged 130,000. The figures are on the rise so The media Metro interviewed experts to find out the reasons that lead couples to divorce.


The first reason is, unsurprisingly, infidelity. Lawyer and partner at Crisp & Co, Anuradha Kurl, explained that infidelity is not primarily a reason that leads to divorce, but “there are often elements that lead to it”. She explains : “Customers don’t always raise the issue initially; there have been times during the divorce process where it has become apparent that a person is living with someone else or has started a new relationship.“The legal professional also points out that couples”youth“are more prone to separation than those who have been together for many years. Rather, the latter will look for a way to forgive themselves, move on, and put the well-being of their children first.

The fading love

Getting tired of each other or wanting other things are reasons that cause love to slowly die out. Partner and family law expert at Roythornes Solicitors, Caroline Elliot, explained: “I see a lot of people who are married (…)

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