“The export of flamenco must continue, we have sown the seed”

“We have done very well. I am proud. I will live with this experience for the rest of my life, These are the first announcements of white dove after finishing seventeenth in eurovision 2023, The lady of Elche has not lost the flag bearer’s good attitude in recent times and has seen the good side of their partnership.

Video: This was Blanca Paloma’s performance with ‘EAEA’ for Spain at the Eurovision 2023 final


This was said in connection with the Eurovision post on La 1, which was hosted by ater albizuaAs at the competition’s press conference, a few minutes later, from M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, and he was present with Wertel. ,If I had been left to do badly in this post I would have gone home roughly, but it was a good performance,

“I’m happy with the execution, I keep it as a strength”

Already during the broadcast of La 1, the singer emphasized all the positive things the experience had given her. “I am happy with whatever performance we have done here. This wasn’t a singing contest, it was an endurance contest. We have spent many days, many months preparing for this. we have given it all”, emphasizes his relation to the artist, marked not only by his words but also by the presence of Slovenian bojan cvjetikaninsinger of joker outTo leave a clear message: “stolen! stolen!,

Far from being discouraged, he valued the risk of betting on a song drawn from national folklore. EAEA, “There is still a lot of work to be done, flamenco must continue to be exported. It is a seed that we have sown so that it may grow in the hearts of people. it’s just begun”, he repeated, and declared: “I have already won my offer to get here”.

“Hopefully more risky proposals in the future, that’s what matters,” he said during a connection where he was able to see images of his relatives and those of his colleagues at El Altet. Benidorm Festival from the city of Alicante. During the connection, he has also received accolades from other Eurovision representatives such as Ruth Lawrence, in charge of communicating the points of the Spanish jury in this edition, who has given them some advice: “Don’t feel now something that offends your heart. Feel like a winner and rule, that’s what you are”.

She said she “really” feels like it:I’m happy with the execution and I keep it as a starting point, as a strength“, she reiterated, was proud to have “the courage to bring something risky to Eurovision”. As you added at another time, in EAEA ,a lot of material was gathered that we wanted to boilLike a potato omelette that we wished Europe would eat”.

“For me, this is success, arrived so calmly. I know that this pinch sometimes goes slowly, at its own pace, and that the seed has already been sown. Let it grow”, he said in a continued with the same desire to justify flamenco and autochthonous during the relationship in which he also dedicated the words Lorraine, winner of Eurovision 2023. The Spaniard declared himself “super happy to share a version and connect” with the Swede. “Glad to coincide with him.”

“We were ready for everything: to win and for what happened,

Minutes later, at the press conference, Blanca Paloma repeated the same message. “We’ve come here with a very risky and We were ready for everything: to win and for what happened“, he said, relating to the result: “It is not bad and I encourage future candidates not to stop presenting risky and original proposals”, and he adds. “Paloma’s here for a while,

“It’s a push for me and the most valuable thing I take away from all this are the tables, going out on that stage like it’s my home, making it my own, enjoying it and connecting with people. maybe not everything we imagined, because we are doing something very special and special, and hopefully we will continue to do so. I will keep doing it, it doesn’t stop me”, said the artist, who proudly attributes the journey of months to reach here.

“We’ve done a lot of performances here that people haven’t seen and each one of them was like a final. I think the rigor and love we put into this candidacy showed.”,

“Maybe the festival wasn’t designed for the place we were”

He does not know the reason why the result was not as expected, especially the contrast between the vote of the professional jury and the televote, awarded with those five points. But he sticks to his decision: “We must continue to export our music.”

“I encourage people to continue betting on such proposals because in our country there is a diversity which is a wealth and a value. Maybe Eurovision is a contest which has other factors which escape us and I think That There are many things that have nothing to do with me or the song”, he thinks. He is of the view that it is not a question of whether or not one understands flamenco in this regard:”Maybe there are other things that are valued in this festival that I understandHaving seen it being there myself, I understand it completely”.

“There are shows that give you space…. the place we took EAEATrance is more intimate and maybe this festival wasn’t designed for the place we made it”, he declares, adding resolutely: “I don’t regret it at all”.

“I think next time I’ll be more prepared”

At all times, appreciates the support provided by the representative RTVE: “With this support it’s so easy to come here and fly, jump into the abyss with that blank canvas and paint it like it’s the first time. There are things that are probably not understood at the moment and that takes time. And I trust him,” he says, appealing The “responsibility” of artists to “value artistic work”,

“We are in a time when trends are very strong, but we must also value a candidacy that is so rooted, so authentic and so true. I don’t want to say that one of my colleagues doesn’t have it. Kind of true and it needs to be shown more on TV and all over the world. In that sense, and saying that he is “extremely satisfied”, he sets as his next objective “to keep working like crazy”. does: “To get my record out there and take it around the world. I will continue to release music to do what I love most, to express myself freely in music and connect with people.,

Nor does he ask to try his luck at Eurovision again: “It has not been abandoned. It has been a unique experience, it has changed my life and I have learned a lot”, he replies. “I think next time I will come more prepared. Like the Benidorm festival, you step on it once and next time you come for all,

Finally, he leaves a message for his town El Altet, minutes before which he was able to see the images: “I know they are all celebrating together. It’s a party, a party of music. , and I feel so proud to be here with this song and with all my heart. It’s just begun”.

Blanca Paloma’s performance at the Eurovision 2023 final

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