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In an interview with Screenrantthe producer Kelly McCormick revealed that The Fall Guya film adaptation of the 1980s television series of the same name, will have a rating PG-13. The film, directed by David Leitch, is branded 87North Productions, a company that made among others I am noone And A violent and silent night, currently in theaters. Here are the reasons for this choice:

The Fall Guy it’s PG-13! It is original. It is obviously based on an intellectual property from the 80s, but let’s call it original, you know what I mean? We at 87North are fortunate enough to often produce originals.

I believe that the R [la classificazione] “restricted to minors” is unimportant. I believe that [il nostro punto di forza] both the atonality of our images, if you want my sincere opinion. Atonale was such an ugly word, but I think it’s our special ingredient. I think part of what we offer, and the reason why it’s experiential and theater worthy, is that it’s like the Mr Toad’s Wild Ride [storica attrazione di Disneyland]. You never know what you will see, what you will hear, what you will be or what you will do. The originality and emotionality of this roller coaster experience is, in my opinion, fundamental.

The producer then adds:

Whether it’s PG-13 or R, I really want to make a movie that’s aimed at everyone someday. It might be difficult. But PG-13 and R, to me, are just profanity, sex and blood, you know what I mean? It’s not much different than what we’re trying to do.

The cast of the film consists of Ryan Gosling, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Emily Blunt, Stephanie Hsu and Winston Duke. The screenplay is by Drew Pearce. The series (arrived in Italy with the title Danger profession) told the story of two stuntmen who turned into bounty hunters in their spare time.

What do you think of PG 13 in The Fall Guy? As always, tell us yours in the comments below!

SOURCE: Screenrant

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