The false ecological conscience of the French presidency

The Élysée wishes to stock its kitchen with several thousand single-use items, including plastics, while the head of state continues to pose as a climate defender.

It is an article from the newspaper Le Monde dated September 4, 2023 which reveals the pot aux roses. The Presidency of the French Republic spent a total of 432,000 euros (maximum amount) to purchase kitchen items, several of which are single-use. Which includes plastics.

Le Monde cites, among other things, 130,000 cooking trays, 5,000 rolls of cling film, 72,000 vacuum cooking bags, 7,000 freezer bags for the remainder of President Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, according to the supply document for the articles consulted by the evening daily.

Enough to draw attention to the concerns of the Élysée in terms of environmental preservation. Especially since the tenant Emmanuel Macron misses no opportunity to remind the world of the need to eradicate plastic, one of his ecological hobbyhorses.

Unconvincing justification

The president indicated in particular to this effect, as recently as the beginning of June, on the sidelines of a summit on plastic, that it was a question of “eradicating this scourge as quickly as possible” for the needs of the planet. Could this be just empty words?

“The products concerned by the order are mainly made of paper or cardboard. The presence of plastic is marginal and restricted to products with hygiene standards such as cling film or pastry piping bags,” retorts the Élysée cited by Le Monde.

The explanation, even if it is verified, is ready to smile. Because the fight for a healthy, carbon-free planet requires action at all times, at all levels.

Alternative solutions galore

In this context, claiming a “marginal” quantity of plastics cannot be admissible. Better, Le monde mentions more than 800 disposable plastic items likely to find refuge in the kitchens of the Élysée, according to the simulation of the procurement procedure.

However, there are alternative solutions that are increasingly being developed for ecological purposes, as recalled by Nathalie Gontard, a specialist in plastic pollution interviewed by Le Monde.

We could, for example, replace these plastics with glass, fabric, metal or even cane pulp, believes the expert.

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