The family asks admission to a psychiatric Miley Cyrus – the liver


In the year 2019, it was very emotional for Miley Cyrus, 27 years of age. After the split from Liam Hemsworth during the summer, the singer has lived through a tumultuous period, and went on with his life, and, so far, you have presented two new passions.

According to the international press, in the case of a short-lived singer with Kaitlynn Carter, and the romance with Cody Simpson-they are signs of what is to be overcome in the period of transition. “Music is to be run by the family rehabilitation”, said a source. “She’s addicted to the attention and doesn’t react well to the pressures of socialhe said.

This is the kind of treatment that is included in a wider program, which includes addiction to drugs and alcohol, and disturbances in mental health.

According to sources close to the controversial singer, Miley, you still need to make a radical break with his current life-style and steer clear of social media. “It is flawed”, say her friends.

Also, the agents of the artist, to believe that rehabilitation is the only chance to save the career of Cyrus, which, if you have a chip on our shoulder with those included in the discussions led by the young, due to the high level of exposure of their personal lives.

The family and closest friends, demonstrate a concern for the psychological state of the artist, who had a lot of anxiety over the past few months.

In spite of the whirlwind of emotions, and Miley Cyrus and know he’s sober, and without the use of alcohol and drugs for more than four months ago, and is now focused on their health, on all levels.

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