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Another withdrawal, another stop imposed by the Ministry of Health: some batches of Taleggio PDO with raw milkmarketed under the Casarrigoni, Pascoli del Fattore and Terre d’Italia brands.

The recall, it is learned, is due to the presence of Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli (STEC gene eae sg O26) in 25 grams of product.

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As reported by the Fattoalimentare.itthe cheeses involved are all indicated by production lot 04082A and have the following characteristics:

Taleggio PDO with Casarrigoni raw milk, sold in whole forms, with packaging lots number L. 25272 and expiry 28/11/2022; L. 25276 and expiring 02/12/2022, Law 25279 and expiring 05/12/22 and Law 25280 and expiring 06/12/22;

Taleggio DOP raw milk from Pascoli del Fattoresold in whole forms, with packaging lots number L. 25272 and expiring 28/11/22, L. 25276 and expiring 02/12/22 and L. 25277 and expiring 03/12/22;

Taleggio PDO with raw milk Terre d’Italiasold in portions of 200 grams, with packaging lot number 25277 and expiry date 03/11/2022.

As always in these circumstances, as a precaution, the recommendation is not to consume the product indicated by the brand and lot number, and to return it to the store where it was purchased to obtain a refund or replacement.

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