The famous couples who broke out in 2022. Video

This 2022 that is about to end will be remembered as the year of famous breakups. Bursting twenty-year weddings, cover farewells and clamorous separation announcements. A bad year for famous couples who have put an end to their relationships.

The most sensational

Among the most talked about farewells the one between Gerard Pique and Shakira. A love born in 2010 during the making of the video of the official anthem of the World Cup in South Africa. It ended because of his infidelity after 12 years. With a joint statement in which privacy is invoked for the two children, Milan and Sasha.

Marriage at the end of the line also for Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, together since 2006. The super top and the quarterback split amicably for the sake of their children Benjamin and Vivian. The same fate befell a Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonetlinked since 2005. Stress from too much work and the pandemic (she would be a convinced no-vax) have divided the streets of the actor of Aquaman and of Lisa’s interpreter in the sitcom The Robinsons.

The most paparazzi

After two years of love, the end of the story between ends up in all the newspapers Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles. The director and the former One Direction have lived a much talked about relationship born on the set of Don’t worry Darling. She, shortly before, had separated from the actor Jason Sudeikis.

In the summer the hot couple formed by breaks out Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. Jailbird was the set of Saturday Night Live, where they were involved in a gag as Aladdin and Jasmine. Goodbye after nine months. “You have other priorities. Among these is being a mother ». But relations remain friendly. And he, a few months later, seems to recover happy in the arms of Emily Ratajkowski.

How not to mention the break between Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone. Five years together and then goodbye. The Net goes wild with memes and graphics on the “expiration date” of the actor’s girlfriends, famous for always and only dating models under 25. Legend that seems outdated. Now he seems to be very close with Gigi Hadid.

History at the end of the line after three years for Florence Pugh and Zach Braff. She communicates it in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar which dedicates the September cover to her, recounting the end of a liason that she has always caused discussion. Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo instead they were close to marriage until the unexpected break announced in June after three years.

The Italians who said goodbye

Among the most sensational farewells the one between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, whose love seemed eternal. In the summer, the gossip about the end of their marriage (amidst teasing with Rolex and designer bags) ends up on the covers of all the newspapers. At the end of the year they are already happy in the arms of new loves.

But 2022 is also the year of farewell between Francesca Neri and Claudio Amendola. The two actors separated after 25 years without fanfare, in the confidentiality that has always distinguished them. Cristiana Capotondi and Andrea Pezzi, after making their separation official, they found a new harmony. She became a mother and he, who is not the child’s father, was by her side during pregnancy and childbirth.

Some relationships evolve. Others are inexorably destined to end…


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