The famous reliability report is back. German brands are definitely not satisfied

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Consumer Reports has just returned with its latest survey. The ranking applies to cars and refers to their quality and failure-free operation. And what is important, the particular reliability of the list is evidenced by the fact that it was created on the basis of surveys conducted among drivers. The rating scale is simple – individual brands receive a score of 0 to 100 points. On this basis, their place on the list is shaped. Who won this year? Lexus was the brand that received the best marks from drivers with a score of 76.

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Consumer Reports: the podium belongs to Japanese brands

The Japanese luxury car maker often wins the rankings. In this case, however, it can still speak of a great success. Reason? Last year, Consumer Reports ranked Lexus only third in an identical survey. Mazda was second on the podium. The result of 75 points, unfortunately, meant for her a loss of lead. Toyota took the third place – scoring 71 points in this year’s survey caused the Japanese manufacturer to drop from the second place from the year before.

The Consumer Reports ranking does not lack a series of spectacular ups and downs. Which brands are particularly pleased with? The Mini can boast the greatest success. The British company operating under the wings of BMW, with a score of 60 points (which is perfectly in line with the average), took 10th place this year. A year earlier, however, it was placed 13 places further! Infiniti can also boast a golden leap. The Japanese manufacturer of luxury cars entered fourth place with a score of 69 points. A year earlier, the company was ranked 10th.

Complete Consumer Reports Reliability Ranking:

  1. Lexus – 76 points
  2. Mazda – 75 points
  3. Toyota – 71 points
  4. Infiniti – 69 points
  5. Buick – 66 points
  6. Honda – 66 points
  7. Subaru – 66 points
  8. Acura – 64 points
  9. Nissan – 63 points
  10. Mini – 60 points
  11. Hyundai – 56 points
  12. Chrysler – 54 points
  13. Porsche – 52 points
  14. Chevrolet – 48 points
  15. Audi – 47 points
  16. Cadillac – 47 points
  17. BMW – 45 points
  18. Ford – 44 points
  19. Kia – 43 points
  20. Volvo – 42 points
  21. Ram – 40 points
  22. GMC – 37 points
  23. Mercedes – 34 points
  24. Volkswagen – 31 points
  25. Genesis – 30 points
  26. Jeep – 26 points
  27. Tesla – 25 points
  28. Lincoln – 18 points

German cars? Failure rate above average

There are also automotive companies where tears will shed after the publication of the Consumer Reports report. The Ram was by far the worst. The American manufacturer of pick-ups and SUVs received just 40 points from customers this year. This means a drop from 9th to 21st place for him – by as much as 12 points. The representatives of GMC or Jeep also have no reasons for optimism. Because even though these brands have “only” moved down five places, they are ranked 22nd and 26th, respectively. Hyundai also did not do well. The result of 56 points means 11th place for him – four points lower than last year.

The Consumer Reports report brings a number of surprises, especially for brands with German origin. Reason? Although Porsche has been shining in the rankings prepared by the ADAC for years, it is becoming only a mediocre overseas! The brand received only 52 points. And this is only the first of the bad news. Such a result means a drop by two places and taking place number 13. Audi (47 points) retained last year’s position, but it is still 15th. BMW, in turn, fell by 4 places, which makes it a distant 17th place. Volkswagen was worse. It appears in 24 positions out of 28 available.

Provocation with a light bulb in Bartoszyce.  The clerk may be punished by the courtThe Germans chose the most emergency cars. A few surprises in the ADAC 2021 report

The worst performers were Lincoln, Tesla and … electric SUVs!

Which cars of the worst brands did the Consumer Reports ranking? The previously mentioned Jeep is third from the bottom. The second place on the podium counted from the end went to … Tesla. The US electric car maker scored just 25 points. And although the result is extremely poor (over three times lower than the leader), it turns out to be stable. A year ago, Tesla also took the penultimate place. Lincoln closes the list. The vehicles of this brand received only 18 points from Consumer Reports.

The list prepared by the American organization talks primarily about brands. While discussing the results, the representatives of Consumer Reports also talked about the models. This year, by far the least failures were … compact hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Not only Toyota Prius stood out, but also the Honda Insight. On the other hand, the so-called “tails” played … electric SUVs. And this is a really big surprise! In models like the Audi e-tron and Tesla Model X, however, not a relatively simple drive system breaks down, but the on-board electronics, which is mainly used as luxury gadgets.

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