The famous swim coach quit after accusations of harassment. Laszlo Cseh broke the silence

A few weeks ago, Cseh revealed that he had fallen victim to “mental terror” by Turi, who was his coach until 2014.

Cseh, who will turn 36 in a few days, has said goodbye to racing after the Tokyo Olympics. His achievements include two world championships and six Olympic medals (four silver, two bronze).

After him, several other swimmers spoke of the violence, one of whom claimed that Turi was called “Tsar” and compared his players to pigs as they gained weight.

“There is no place for abuse in Hungarian swimming,” wrote a statement issued by the Hungarian swimming federation.

Turi did not hide that during his work there were situations when he used violence (e.g. he allegedly was supposed to hit with a wooden stick), but in recent interviews he defended his methods. “Let the first one who never took a child out of the water by the hair in the 1980s more aggressive than what is accepted today” – the trainer said recently.

Swimming is a very popular sport in Hungary, and its representatives are among the best in the world.


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