The famous Tiktokeur Khaby Lame becomes a Fortnite character

The most followed Tiktokeur in the world, known for his humorous gimmick, now has his own avatar in the new season of the Fortnite video game.

He is the first Tiktoker to arrive on the game which brings together 250 million players per month. It is now possible to embody on Fortnite Khaby Lame, of his real first name Khabane, since Friday August 25. The Italian-Senegalese made it official on his social networks with a video:

We see the Tiktokeur making his famous gimmick, which it will also be possible to reproduce in the game. Incredulous, arms outstretched, skeptical pout: he likes to make fun of those who complicate their lives.

The “skin” (his virtual outfit) sports three colors: yellow, green and red, in reference to his country of origin, Senegal.

Khabane Lame joins the very closed circle of personalities with their own avatar such as the footballer Neymar, the rapper Travis Scott or the streamer Ninja. Players will have to pay ten euros to buy the “Battle Pass” and be able to play with the influencer.

A meteoric rise

Dismissed because of the Covid-19, the young man launched himself on social networks. He conquered his subscribers thanks to simple videos, far from big productions :

“I’m having fun and maybe that’s the key to success. I just want to entertain people.”

The young man of 23 years wishes to continue his adventure on the big screen by embracing an acting career. Since 2021, he has not ceased to frequent the red carpets by becoming the face of Hugo Boss, by being invited to the biggest sporting events in the world or by promoting a cryptocurrency or drinks. All that, with a gimmick and no words.

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