The farmer put on VR goggles for the cows. Now they are laid back and give more milk

A farmer from Turkey placed his cows in a barn for the winter. It would not be surprising, if not for the fact that he puts on their heads VR goggle sets. The animals think they are out in the pasture, which makes them calmer and gives more milk.

At first glance, the giant barn full of cows with headsets strapped to their furry heads to increase milk production seems quite dystopian. However, as reported by the Turkish news agency Anadolu Ajansi, the solution is delivering the intended results.

“We receive an average of 22 liters of milk per day from the cows on our farm,” said Izzet Kocak, a farmer who puts VR goggles on his cows. “The average amount of milk for the two cows who wore virtual reality glasses has increased to 27 liters.”

Muutrix for cows

VR kits were developed in collaboration with veterinarians and first tested on a farm in Russia. Farmers worked with programmers, vets and consultants at a farm in Krasnogorsk near Moscow to send cattle a simulation of a summer pasture. “They watch a green pasture and that gives them an emotional boost,” said Kocak. “They’re less stressed.”


The Russian ministry of agriculture said the system was developed according to the color vision of cows. In order for the image to work, computer scientists had to adjust the color palette in the software to match the animals’ unique eyesight. Cows cannot see red or green – they can only see dim shades of yellow and blue.

In Russia, cows wear VR glasses.  This is how they are supposed to relax

In Russia, cows wear VR glasses. This is how they are supposed to relax

The farmer had previously played classical music to his herd, which calmed the cows down. However, he was so impressed with the operation of the VR goggles that he intends to buy 10 more sets.

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