The fascination of Chris Hemsworth and family enclosed in Marvel

Chris Hemsworth wanted to unite his two great families in one film: on the one hand his wife with their three children, on the other the Marvel universe with the god of thunder.

Chris Hemsworth he loves his family very much, to the point of wanting to involve them in his work as well. The Australian actor is now listed as an interpreter of Thor, the god of thunder, among the very few faithful left in the Marvel universe to this day. And to think that, at first, no one would bet on him like King of Asgard. Indeed, to be honest, the president of Marvel Studios had evaluated Tom Hiddleston as possible Thor. A twist that amazes even after years and that almost borders on madness, if you consider that there could not be Loki better than Tom Hiddleston on the square.

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Fortunately, the role was then entrusted with foresight to Chris Hemsworth and the god of thunder continues to have his features. The last movie, Love and Thunderhas recently arrived at the cinema dusting off the charm of an ancient divinity and his Achilles heel: the love for Jane Foster, which as a human has all its vulnerabilities and mortality with hours counted. But Chris Hemsworth’s luck doesn’t shine in solitude. The actor also wanted to involve his own familyfrom the elder brother to his own sons.

Chris Hemsworth, work is a team game, better if in the family

The turning point came in 2011, when he first appeared in Thor to play the God of Thunder. Before Avengers, Chris Hemsworth did not have a chance to shine. The Avengers opened the doors to success for him, which never suffered a setback. And, to be honest, he was one of the few who chose to stay. Unlike Chris Evans with Captain America And Robert Downey Jr with Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth preferred to hold on to his Asgardian adventure companion, perhaps because he is not yet tired of that superhero thrill. And he got the whole family involved, both behind the scenes and on the actual set.

Chris Hesmworth
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On the set of Avengersin 2011, there was little India Rose, an experience repeated in the last one Thor: Love and Thunder. Observing her closely, it is easy to recognize the strong resemblance to her dad and her mother Elsa Pataky, in turn an actress. The little girl played the daughter of Gorr the slaughterer of gods. But the actor also wanted the twins on the set: Tristan he played a little Thor while Sasha is among the Asgardian children. And with a minor role his older brother was also involved, Luke Hemsworthwho ironically plays the theatrical version of Thor (after all the similarity is fitting).

Chris Hesmworth
Thor: Love and Thunder

And it’s thanks to Chris Hemsworth who set a good example if other actors in the cast were able to spend more time with theirs family also on set. A tradition also respected by Natalie Portman And Christian Bale. Director Taika Waititi he said it was Chris Hemsworth who wanted his daughter India Rose on set and shot a scene with her. And her wish was granted, allowing India Rose to make her acting debut.

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