The fascist salute of the commissioner Romano La Russa? Fdi explains it this way: “he invited those present to refrain from doing so”

In front of the video, published by ilfattoquotidiano.itwhere the Lombard regional councilor is seen Romano La Russa to pay the Roman salute at the funeral of the far-right militant Alberto Stabilini, Brothers of Italy Milan denies it ever happened. And indeed he goes so far as to argue that the Fdi exponent was inviting others to stop doing so. A reconstruction denied by the images, but also by the new councilor of the Fontana junta who, interviewed by Ansa, said that it was “a military salute“For the” brother-in-law “and” forever friend “. La Russa, brother of Senator Fdi Ignazio, interviewed by, he also admitted that his brother was angry: “He and many others,” he said. “Yesterday we lifted the weight of whoever made the film and who made it run because we were aware that it would be exploited ”. In the evening, La Russa himself wrote a letter to his colleagues at the junta: “I am deeply sorry and I apologize if anyone felt incomprehensibly offended“.

F of Milan instead chose to make a reconstruction that does not find any comparison with the scene immortalized in the video: “It emerges clearly”, reads the note released to the press, “that the movement of Romano’s arm has nothing to do with the fascist salute , but on the contrary, he testifies to his invitation to those present to refrain from greeting. Just check the movement of his arm, however absent during the consecutive calls that the Supreme Court has in any case sanctioned not to be a crime if carried out in a funeral “. So the party tries to justify La Russa by saying that “he was asked in life by the deceased Alberto Stabiliniof which Romano La Russa was brother in law and a lifelong friend, the last farewell immortalized in a video that is going viral on the web.

Meanwhile, the new Security Councilor of the Lombardy Region (he replaced Riccardo De Corato who ran for politics), questioned by Ansa, did not use the same justification as his party. He admitted that he raised his arm, but claimed it was not a Roman salute. “Whoever wants to confuse the rite of the present with the fascist salute”, he declared, “is ignorant, in the sense that ignores a military tradition that has existed for centuries. It was a funeral, Alberto before dying had asked to pass in front of his old headquarters ”that is that of the Young Italy, the student association linked to the MSI, and “to make the present”. And again La Russa adds: “Even when you swear allegiance to the Italian Republic as a military, the oath contemplates the ‘swear’ with an outstretched salute. And are they all fascists? No. And the same is the rite of the present ”. “The deceased was a longtime soldier, a close friend, as well as my brother-in-law. We were all old friends, we were 15 stoned old men who greeted a friend who has gone away ”. Of course, he concludes, “if Giorgia Meloni asks me to take a step to the side or back, she doesn’t even have to finish the sentence but I – he concludes – must not dissociate myself from anything because I have not done anything illegal. I respected the last wish of a deceased person ”.

In the letter to his colleagues from the Fontana junta, La Russa also said that “Alberto was not an extremist, as he has now been erroneously defined by the press, but a simple right-wing exponent”. The commissioner Fdi claims that he was “exploited an act of love towards the deceased“. And, after almost 24 hours, you used the same reconstruction of Fdi Milano: “A gesture that I have tried to avoid in every way, as confirmed by the same images and videos, which perhaps could be misunderstood. But this is the reality, I tried in vain to make them give up ”.

The first political protests began in the morning, immediately after the broadcast of the video by And they came from Pd and M5s exponents in the Region. Who have asked for a position taken by the Northern League president Attilio Fontana. “These are behaviors that are not part of our way of seeing”, he said during a press point at Palazzo Lombardia, “so basically at the funeral we pray, we try to express solidarity with the remaining relatives. We will evaluate. I haven’t talked to the commissioner yet and I don’t think I can add anything else ”. The case ended up at the center of the electoral campaign of the next policies. For the secretary of Più Europa Benedetto Della Vedova “There is something even more grotesque, for a man of the institutions, than making the Roman salute: to be ashamed, to fear the political judgment of the citizens and to pretend not to have done so”. While for Matteo Renzi “It is a gesture that I obviously do not agree with and that I actually find it decidedly reprehensible”. But “there is no fascist risk,” she specified.

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