The FBI from Trump was looking for documents on nuclear weapons. And he is not opposed to publishing the deed of search –

At the former president’s home, the FBI searched for material containing information on nuclear weapons. The right: “We do not believe that Biden was in the dark”

The documents that the Justice Department and the FBI sought in Mar-a-Lago during the August 8 search contained information relating to nuclear weapons. The news, spread in the night since Washington Postif confirmed, would explain the unprecedented decision to intervene to take those papers from the home of a former US president “for fear that they would end up in the wrong hands.”

The New York Times wrote yesterday night that the documents were classified at the highest level of secrecywith the designation of “special access programs” which is “usually reserved for operations conducted by the United States abroad”.
This is the new chapter of the “Mar-a-Lago raid” on 8 August, which in recent days has seen an escalation of accusations and death threats against justice and FBI officials. Yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio, a gunman attempted to break into the local FBI office: After he was killed in a shoot-out with agents, it emerged that Ricky Shiffer – that would be his name – was present during the assault on Congress on January 6.

The Attorney General and Head of the Justice Department, Merrick Garland said yesterday that he personally made the decision to authorize the search and of not having done it “lightly” and without first evaluating less intrusive methods. Garland also asked the Florida judge that he signed the search warrant to go public.
Trumpwho could contest its disclosure, wrote on Truth social, his social network: «Not only that I will not oppose the release of documents relating to the raid and the unwarranted and unnecessary search of my home in Palm Beach, Florida, in Mar-a-Lago. But I will go a step further by encouraging their immediate release. ‘ But the choice will still be up to the Southern District of Florida court.

On the right, however, no one is convinced. The Wall Street Journal criticizes the decision to declassify the mandate (“an initiative that broke an institutional tradition that had lasted for 232 years”) and Garland’s own two-minute press conference (“which left more doubts than certainties”).

Right-wing TV Fox News continues to criticize the silence on the operation of FBI chief Cristopher Wray and to not believe that Joe Biden, currently on vacation with his son Hunter, knew nothing of the raid (the White House spokesperson said he had not been informed in advance of the search). And if the Justice Minister in yesterday’s speech defended the integrity and patriotism of his department officials, as well as FBI agents, right-wing commentators retort: ​​”You’ve had Hunter’s laptop for two years, how can you? talk about impartial application of the law? ” And Trump on Truth Social: “I keep asking what happened to the 33 million pages Obama took away in Chicago?”.

August 12, 2022 (change August 12, 2022 | 11:40 am)

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