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“He was very calm, none of his citizens expected all this. Not even me”: the president of Estonia Alar Karis tells of his meeting with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev two days before the Russian invasion. Interviewed by Corriere della Seraexplained: “He told me that Russia could have entered the Donbassbut did not expect it to attack Kiev or other parts of Ukraine. Two days later everything changed. On February 24, the day of the invasion, we spoke on the phone and he asked me for help. “

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Speaking about how her people perceive the ongoing conflict, Karis confessed: “We are worried, it is very close. And then over 50,000 Ukrainians already live in Estonia, and now their families and many refugees are arriving: over 8,000 people have already come, 2,500 of whom are children. “The head of state then underlined the differences between them. refugees and those arriving from other parts of the world: “They are different things. These are refugees arriving directly from war zones. Surely we treat them differently, they are not migrants looking for work, a better life or anything else: many of those who arrive here are women and children, while the men remained to fight “.

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The outcome of the war, according to the Estonian president, depends on one element in particular: “It depends on how united we will be: not only now, but also in the future. It was not the Russian citizens who started the war, but they can stop it: the younger generations have access to truthful information, they can go out and spread it, and that could change things in Russia. They must not be afraid “.

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