The Fight That Pilar Rubio Is Forbidden to Talk About. Last Minute

Pilar Rubio

Pilar Rubio continues to climb positions in the list of most wanted and followed celebrities in our country. Sergio Ramos’ wife has turned his image around and, thanks also to his appearances in El Hormiguero, has more than 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

In fact, it is precisely in the program of Pablo Motos where Pilar is most concerned. Eye, not precisely because Madrid has a health problem or that her pregnancy is not going well. On the contrary, Pilar is facing her fourth pregnancy in a more than enviable way.

The fight that Pilar Rubio is silent

And it is the future of Rubio in El Hormiguero that has more than one in the board of Atresmedia concerned. The reason is none other than the tense situation her husband, Sergio Ramos, is living in Real Madrid.

The white captain ends the contract in the summer of 2021. By then she will be 35 years old and will be facing her last years as a professional. And that’s where the mess begins. And, seeing that Florentino Pérez has no intention of renewing her upward contract, the one of Camas is already beginning to glimpse a future away from Santiago Bernabéu.

In this sense, the PSG is the team that, today, is pushing for it. In Paris they do guarantee the economic improvement that Madrid , at least for now, has no intention of giving.

Ramos and his brother and representative René, are tightening the rope as much as they can. Also, Florentino, who does not seem to intend to succumb to the requests of his captain. Renewing a player who is in the final phase of his career does not seem like a good idea. The tone is increasingly aggressive between the two parties.

And all this, of course, has reached a Pilar who knows that her future goes hand in hand with her husband’s. Hence I prefer not to comment on the subject. What it has to be will be and, if you have to leave El Hormiguero to move to the gala capital, you will do it without problems.



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