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jennifer Lawrencean Oscar-winning actress, is the protagonist of Causeways, a film that on Apple Tv+ marks the debut behind the camera of Lila Neugebauer, theater director. The drama delves deeply into the wounds that soldiers carry with them as a result of armed conflicts, not only physical but also psychological.

Causewaysthe first film directed by Lila Neugebauer, comes up Apple TV+ on November 3, after receiving the BNL BNP Paribas Opera Prima Award at the Rome Film Fest. The protagonist of the film is Jennifer LawrenceAcademy Award for Best Actress for Bright side.

The unforgettable Katniss Evergreen of the saga Hunger Games plays Lynsey, a military engineer who returned to the United States from Afghanistan with a debilitating brain injury following a bomb explosion.

The plot of the movie Causeway

In the center of Causeways, the Apple TV+ film, there is the character of Lynsey (Jennifer Lawrence). Lynsey is working for the US Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan when an explosion while she is in her vehicle leaves her with severe head and body injuries.

After an arduous journey of rehabilitation, Lynsey returns home to New Orleans, where she lives with her well-meaning but neglectful mother (Linda Emond). She also takes a job cleaning swimming pools while she waits for her doctor to approve her redeployment to the military.

A pickup truck breakdown leads Lynsey to meet James (Brian Tyree Henry), a mechanic with whom she forms a bond that soon turns out to be complex and multifaceted. Like Lynsey, James is struggling to recover from serious injuries, both psychological and physical. They each find comfort in the other, but as their friendship deepens, Lynsey is forced to question if she is capable of giving and receiving love in her life.

Causeway movie poster.
The movie poster Causeways.

Find home

Written by acclaimed writer Ottessa Moshfegh, Luke Goebel and Elizabeth Sanders, the Apple TV+ film Causeways shows an uncommon sensitivity in underlining the way in which a trauma is dealt with, protecting oneself from further damage. The study of the psychology of Lynsey but also of James is accompanied by a reflection on what it means to return to the place of origin and find one’s home.

“When I read the script, it felt like a punch in the stomach,” he said Jennifer Lawrence. “I had something in common with the protagonist, which is the desire to find a place to call home. I myself left home at the age of 14, a word with which I have always had a complicated relationship. From this point of view, I consider Causeways a very personal film”.

The director is of the same opinion Lila Neugebauer: “I’m not a war veteran. I am not military and have not served in the military. But I was surprised how close I felt to the interiority and psychology of the protagonist while reading the script. I somehow saw myself in her ”.

However, the movie Apple Tv+ Causeways also prompts us to reflect on war veterans and the wounds they sustain at the front. “We did a ton of research into it and met with different servicemen,” added Lawrence, also a producer on the film. “Among these, there were also those who had suffered a traumatic brain injury. Because of this, we had several therapists on set to make sure everything was believable.”

Next to Lawrence plays the actor Brian Tyree Henry, who was also the director’s college friend. “Besides the trauma, I wanted the film Causeways also talked about something else. In the film, I’m originally from New Orleans and experienced a major trauma, kind of like Lynsey. Be that as it may, I didn’t want the bond between James and Lynsey to become romantic: they simply had to mirror each other and live a bond that saved both. They have both lost something and must figure out if it is possible to move forward or not. I am aware of how relationships between a black man and a white woman work in the society we live in. I didn’t want to end up talking about that.”

Causeway: stills from the movie

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