The finance minister apologizes. Says why people got in their pockets

The head of the Ministry of Finance was asked about the situation of, inter alia, teachers or uniformed services. It was these professional groups that felt the first confusion with the Polish Government, getting less money in January than last year.

Kościński admitted that “the changes brought about by the Polish Deal concern approx. 27 million taxpayers and with such a number of citizens covered by the reform, certain inaccuracies may appear”. – They should not take place and I would like to apologize for them first of all. There is a ready ordinance that will correct the situation in January related to the fact that some professions, including teachers and uniformed services, received lower salaries – he said and added:

I would like to clearly emphasize that people earning up to 12.8 thousand. gross on the employment contract on the reform will not lose anything.


As he explained, there are several reasons for the reduction in salaries compared to last year. – For example, an unnecessarily submitted application for waiver of the middle class tax relief or the lack of collection by the employer when hiring the so-called PIT-2 form, which allows to apply the free amount already at the stage of advance payments. This also applies to, for example, teachers who work in more than one school, e.g. part-time, and do not achieve the minimum wage in any of them, emphasized the minister.

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A relief for the middle class

“SE” asked the minister of finance about a case where someone earns up to PLN 12,800, but in December – unlucky – receives a bonus from his employer and exceeds this magic limit by PLN 100 or 200, so he loses all the relief. “So we come to a paranoid situation where the employee will ask the employer not to give him a bonus” – assessed “SE”.


The minister replied that “exceeding this limit will not result in a given taxpayer achieving a lower net salary during the year than if he / she resigned from paying the bonus”. – By wishing everyone the highest possible bonus, we want it to be something positive and not cause a headache – he added.


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