The fire in the Trento landfill is extinguished, but the dioxin alarm in plants is triggered

Dioxin alarm in Trento after the fire that burned over 560 tons of bulky materials in the square of the Ischia Podetti landfill

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L’fire that affected the area of ​​the Ischia Podetti landfill in Trento in the late afternoon of yesterday Wednesday 10 August, was extinct during the night thanks to a squadron of Firefighters from the Permanent Corps of Trento and volunteers from all over the area.

THE firefighters in fact they left from Cognola, Gardolo, Fornace, Lavis, Meano, Ravina, Romagnano, Vigolo Baselga, Sardagna and Sopramonte.

Investigations underway to reconstruct the dynamics of the fire in the landfill

There causes of the stake are still being investigated, and new investigations will also be conducted by the Appa, the provincial agency for environmental protection of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The Civil Protection has recommended the population to keep the windows of their homes closed, especially in the areas north of the landfill and to residents of the Bassa Atesina.

The area is constantly illuminated with photoelectrics to monitor the possible occurrence of new outbreaks. Access to the cycle path remains forbidden due to the dense smoke that still covers the area. Terna reactivated the electricity line near the landfill.

The fire burned 560 tons of material in the Trento landfill

The flames have affected ben 560 tons of bulky material that was in the central part of the deposit. They were extinguished using water from the nearby river Adige.

The material piled up in the yard of the landfill of Trento was moved with the use of three mechanical shovels, to avoid that the fire could flare up further.

Dioxin alarm after the fire in Trento: advice to the population

Franco Ianesellimayor of Trento, asked citizens to close the windows and to avoid displacementsusing the templates Ffp2 as a precaution outdoors.

As often happens in these cases, as a precaution, the population is advised to avoid the consumption of fruit And vegetables collected in orchards and gardens located in the area.

The risk, as he explained Andrew Brugnaramayor of Lavis, is the one that dioxin can deposit on vegetables, a substance that is particularly dangerous for humans that we have talked about here.

We have returned to talk about this problem, which has characterized some of the darkest events of our recent history, such as the Seveso disaster, with the fire of the Malagrotta landfill in Rome.


Photo source: ANSA

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