The first case of a cat with coronavirus, is found in Belgium


The animal has come in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with a covid-19

The first cat affected by the new coronaviruses it has been detected in the country of Belgium. According to the federal agency for the safety of the food chain, the authority in charge to protect the health of the plant, animal, and human, and to ensure the quality of the food in Belgium is, in the case that it is extremely rare.

The horse had breathing problems, and diarrhea after the transmission of the new coronavirus. The virus has been transmitted to a cat by its owner. Both of them remain in isolation. In humans, the coronavirus enters the body through the nose or through the mouth. Once they are inside the body the virus uses the spikes of the protein to bind to the cells of the respiratory tract and multiply,. After the transmission, the most common symptom is fever.

There is still no scientific evidence that it can occur with the spread of the coronavirus among both animals and humans. However, in addition to the cat in Belgium two of the dogs Hong Kong has also caught the covid-19, which was caused by a new virus. The animal showed no symptoms, except for the cat. On the whole, in the world, there were only three cases of infection of the animal.

“The risk of transmission of the virus from animals to humans is negligible compared to the risk of transmission is through direct contact with people,” says the official statement of the agency’s health bar.

Even so, experts recommend that you avoid contact with pets if you are ill, always wash your hands have come into contact with the animals, and don’t let them lick your face.

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