The first comer (France 2): is the romantic comedy with Claire Keim taken from a true story?

Claire Keim excels in detective series and films, but we love to see the actress in romantic comedies. Luckily, France 2 is broadcasting the TV movie The First Come where she shares the poster with actor Makita Samba.

The first comer, on France 2, what is it about?

In The first comer, Claire Keim embodies Gina, a presenter of the equestrian minute and heiress of the Duval peppers. On the surface, Gina’s life is a real fairy tale. The proof being, she will finally marry her longtime fiancé, Mathieu, a university professor. The two lovebirds are bathed in happiness and the joy of saying yes to each other… In any case, that’s what Gina believes until the day she returns home thinking she’s been robbed.

But little by little, she realizes that in reality, only Mathieu’s things are missing… In fact, he left her without warning. The first comer thus begins, like many romantic comedies, with a heroine at heart in 1000 pieces. Her best friend and confidante then advises her to forget her sorrow in the arms of the first comer who will turn out to be Félicien, a mechanic with whom she had just argued a few hours before.

Is the romantic comedy The first comer taken from a true story?

You will have understood it, The first comer, on France 2, is also a love story like “enemies to lovers.” And if the scenario could suggest that this story really took place, it is not so. This romantic comedy is the adaptation of an Italian series named Love Hurts.

And the scriptwriters behind the French version are not unknown to the battalion. Quite the contrary, since it is Michael Leclerc And Baya Kasmi who are writing and directing. We already owe them great successes in the cinema such as the feature film The names of peoplereleased in 2010 as well as Class struggle which dates from 2019. The first comer, with Claire Keim, therefore promises a story against a backdrop of social satire, once again.

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