The first day of the ICS Beach Tour ended at Circeo

SAN FELICE CIRCEO (LATINA) –A spectacular first day of competitions ended at “La Fratta” beach in San Felice Circeo, which is hosting stage 1 of the ICS Beach Volley Tour Lazio 2022. Like every year, it was the Pontine coast – and in particular the promoter JAPP Beach Volley by Pino Percoco – to open the dance, with exciting matches in both the men’s and women’s draws.

Among the men’s couples (21 teams at the start) the number 1 in the ranking dominated Spadoni and Luisetto, authors of 3 out of 3 wins for 2-0 against Capomaccio-Sambucci, Ulisse-Giuliani and the ICS 2021 champions Rossi-De Fabritiis. Up to now Salvatore Rossini and Antonio Di Paola have also won all the victories (and always at the tie-break) with the National volleyball team in Rio: 2-1 against Cerasoli-Mastracci, 2-1 against Fussi-Pera, 2 -1 against Russo-Skoreiko and 2-1 against Del Bene-Paulino Da Silva. Fussi-Pera, Matteoni-Lelli and Cantarella-Conforti are moving up the slope from the losing board.

In women, the 14 couples registered in the tournament organized by the FIPAV Lazio Regional Committee and the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, with the support of the Lazio Region, fought each other on the Circeo sand from the early hours of the morning. At the end of the first day of competition Maria Rachele Mancinelli-Giada Bianchi remain undefeated (2-1 against Sciscione-Fiore, 2-0 against Casani-Pasciuti and 2-1 against the first in the ranking Annibalini and Arianna Barboni, the latter winner together to Casani of the past edition of the ICS) and Camilla Sanguigni-Giulia Tamagnone (lines Pericati-Carletti and Sciscione-Furlanetto).

Tomorrow, Sunday 26 June, both boards will restart from the “sevenths” and will continue with the “fifths”, the semifinals and the finals 1-2 place and 3-4 place. The two finals for the stage victory (15.30 and 16.30) will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel of FIPAV Lazio.

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