The first “military and tactical” bra of the US army –

from Irene Soave

Women are 15%, including soldiers and officers, of the American army, which tries to equip them with less and less “gender neutral” uniforms

No push-ups, no balconette, no bralette, absolutely no lace. The military of the United States Army will have suppliedfor the first time in their uniforms, also the bra. And not just any one but an “ATB”: Army Tactical Brassière, tactical military bra. The announcement was made by the Army Times, the hausorgan of the military; this fall the Soldier’s Center Design, Pattern and Prototype Team – military bureaucracy, much denser than that of any fashion house – will present the patterns at the Uniforms Office. If the Uniforms Office approves the model and makes it a Purchasing Program, explains the spokesman for the Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center, David Accept, prototypes will be produced and it will become part of the uniforms of hundreds of American army soldiers. . It was designed “taking into account information from hundreds of female soldiers in various functions and duties regarding fit, support and performance.” But what does a “tactical military bra” do, which for now we know what it will be “Fireproof, protective” and ad high breathability, and in models also suitable for breastfeeding? Is it wired? Can he shoot? Does it emit laser beams?

Above all, it changes the times. Women make up 15% of the US military whose uniforms, so far, have been designed according to the principle of gender neutrality, that is, the same for males and females and different only in size; now we try instead, in contrast with the era, to differentiate them and to produce a more specific design for female bodies. Not just a matter of principle: the greater or lesser adherence to the body of a bulletproof vest, for example, translates into greater or lesser protection; and the same is true, in the disbelief of the male soldiers, for the hindrance in the movements that an uncomfortable bra gives.

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