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THE supporters of the Abarth brand have already started discuss it on social networks, as well as all fans of small sports cars. After all, it was inevitable that it too historic sports brand abdicated in favor of electricity given the increasingly stringent regulations of governments on the subject of CO2 emissions. Within a few years, Abarth will also have to be a zero emissions and the first images of the 500 Abarth battery powered escaped from the Mirafiori factory in Turin have raised a fuss.

Flamboyant color but understated aesthetics

Externally it does not differ particularly from the normal electric 500 except for the different shape of the lower air intake and for the presence of a small spoiler (nothing to do with the strong aesthetic connotation of the petrol versions). The choice of a color acid green instead it definitely characterizes it, as does the Abarth brand declined in large letters which stands out on the front, while the emblem has been moved to the top of the bonnet.

Unknown power and autonomy

There is no official information yet, but it is plausible that the 500 Abarth will adopt one enhanced version of the same powertrain of the electric 500, assuming a maximum power of 200 horsepower to compensate for the weight of the 42 kWh battery pack. There more power will imply higher consumption therefore it is likely that autonomy will drop by 20-25% compared to 322 in the WLTP cycle declared for what is currently the bestseller among electric cars of its segment in Italy since the beginning of the year.

While waiting for the launch, you can vote for the sound

The presence of the battery pack in the lower part of the floor could benefit lower the center of gravitythe historic Achilles heel of the small Abarth, as is to be expected brakes and suspension will receive a special treatment. The launch is scheduled for 2023 but the countdown could be shorter since one has already been launched on the brand’s Instagram page call to action for choose the sound that the car will emit, under 20 kilometers per hour, to alert pedestrians. Little consolation for the Abarthistsfond of the characteristic gurgling of the 1.4 turbo petrol which until now has pushed the various versions of the small sports car.

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