The first such a football jersey in history. “We cannot pretend and we cannot look away” Soccer

“We were hoping that FIFA and Qatar would finally hear us, but of course money still has an advantage over human rights and human life,” Tromsoe IL said on its official website.

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“The most valuable asset will not be the money you earn, but the way you treated other people. The scariest part is knowing you treat people badly. Why else would you spend your money trying to show the beautiful side of the horrible things you do.” – we read on. “Take a look at our new kit. The QR code will take you to a website where you can find more information about what is happening in Qatar,” continues the announcement.

The action of the Norwegian club. It is the first in history to introduce a unique T-shirt to the market. “We can’t pretend and we can’t look away”

“Read and ponder the question: How many human rights violations are there in the football community to insist on better protection of the rights of immigrant workers? We cannot pretend that football and politics are not intertwined, and we must never look away when some they use our beautiful game to overshadow human rights violations. Together we can change that, “we read on.

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Tromsoe IL is the first professional club in the world to speak out against the inhuman conditions in the country. The club is now doing a new action, this time in collaboration with Amnesty International and Malcolm Bidali, a former immigration worker who was arrested in Qatar for running a blog revealing how inhuman conditions are when immigrants work to build stadiums in Qatar.

The Norwegian club is launching a unique T-shirt (third set of outfits) with a QR code, which will contain a link to a website informing about human rights and other violations in Qatar. The photo shows Ruben Yttergard Jenssen, a Norwegian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Tromsoe IL, a club who hopes this soccer uniform will attract a lot of attention outside Norway.

Media: Julian Nagelsmann will give some players a break in the match against Barcelona.  What about Lewandowski?Media: Julian Nagelsmann will give some players a break in the match against Barcelona. What about Lewandowski?

In June 2021, Tromsoe IL was the first club in history to respond to the “Guardian”, which revealed that thousands of immigrants lost their lives during construction work in Qatar ahead of the World Cup. – We do not accept corruption, modern slavery and mass deaths in the name of football. Tromsoe IL will appeal to the Norwegian football association to support the boycott, Norwegian club Tromsoe IL wrote in a statement. Several other clubs signed this position, including Rosenborg, a 26-time national champion. Norway’s players played a friendly match with Greece at the beginning of June. They entered the field in special T-shirts with the inscription “Fair play for immigrant workers. Human rights on and off the field”.

Qatar was announced the host of the World Cup in December 2010. This choice in later years aroused controversy due to the revealed behind the scenes of the choice of this country. According to “France Football”, Qatari sheikhs bought the rights to host the event in exchange for promises to invest in Paris Saint-Germain. Despite many appeals to take away Qatar’s right to host the championship, the country remained the host of the event. This is scheduled from November 21, 2022 to December 18, 2022. The championship will take place in late autumn due to high summer temperatures in Qatar.

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