The Flash film had three different endings, each overseen by a different Warner Bros. deal. Search

according to a new report from hollywood reporterwhich only confirms what we more or less already knew, the film glitter There were three different endings, each overseen by different arrangements. Warner Bros. Search This last month. It’s important to remember the obvious: I’m going to talk about the ending of The Flash here, so this article will contain spoilers and I recommend you don’t read this if you want to see the movie and keep some surprises for yourself.

The Flash film had three different endings, each overseen by a different Warner Bros. deal.  Discovery 5

Three endings for The Flash, James Gunn/Peter Safran version selected

Please beware of spoilers!

a new report from theart reports to us today that management Warner Bros. Search, dc movies And dc studio There were (as in recent months) three different endings to choose from. An extremely well-kept secret by the studio, as the ending was never revealed prior to the film’s release in theaters. The three endings that were conceived and then shot during and after the merger were directed by different regimes that followed each other over the course of the last few months. Warner Bros. Search, dissolution of dc movies and build dc studio,

Final reminder: please beware of spoilers!

final scene of glitter featured watch barry allen ,ezra milleron the phone with Bruce Wayne, a moment in cinema that had audiences everywhere screaming. phone call comes after a court hearing and the return of Barry On your Earth and in your timeline.

Wayne pulls up to the court in his car and when he gets out the assembled crowd pulls apart to reveal Wayne… by sport clunyno version of ben affleck Whom Barry expected. cluny so through this phase makes his flashback about 25 years after his tragic role Bruce Wayne , batman In batman and robin Of Joel Schumacher Considered by many fans to be one of the worst superhero movies ever made.

this return of George Clooney In Bruce Wayne Within weeks, after a few phone calls, two screenings of the film and a half-day shoot in January 2023 were made. Andy Muschietti under three different regimes whistleblowers Therefore. We know how much the production of this new opus DC The years have been chaotic, with the number of screenwriters and directors following one another impressive, and filming has suffered a few setbacks, especially due to COVID-19.

First finale supervised by DC Films (Emmerich and Hamada)

The project started under the rule of toby emmerich And walter hamadathen boss dc movies, Most of filming, but also post-production glitter Under this direction was always done with the basic idea (which remained) that the project was intended to visually distract zack snyder And DCEU that started with man of Steel already ten years ago. Hamada planned sequel to glitterinspired since then wanted to go to a movie crisis on infinite earth (Crisis on Infinite Earths) such an important event in the history of the 80’s DC through comics.

In this edition conceived by HamadaThe movie should also end on the steps of the courthouse, but with super girl by playing Sasha Calle And batman by playing Michael Keaton, This ending was meant to highlight the fact that Barry Wasn’t able to reset the timeline like he thought he would.

The second ending was supervised by Warner Bros. Photo (Michael DeLuca and Pamela Abdi)

However, after the creation of Warner Bros. Search during the merger between Warner Bros. And Search, emmerich And Hamada evicted, and david zaslav – The CEO of this new large entity sets out to find a framework to lead DC, before settling with james gunn And Peter Safran, zaslav Name Michael Deluca And Pamela Abdi on the head of Warner Bros. picture groupand the latter were responsible for supervising DC waiting for zaslav Finds his rare pearl.

and that’s when there’s a second ending glitter was planned. This new version will still be on the courthouse’s famous steps, but super girl Of call joined now Superman Of Henry Cavilland by wonder woman Of girl gadot, batman Of Michael Keaton were also present at this end of glitter, Of luke And Abdi thought he showed strategy with this ending, and the latter may have an echo with the final shot and the last moment black adam which declares return false Cavil,

in this direction, and with the forced plans of Dwayne The Rock Johnson Cavil I had to go back DCEUAnd super girl was somehow kept alive for future use (although his solo film project was cancelled). DC at the movie theater.

and why use wonder woman , Well, still a few months into this directing, director patty jenkins was developing a third part with girl gadotand to this end allowed the character’s appearance to maintain a certain hype. wonder woman, But the film has since been canceled, and future wonder woman Of gadot In dcu Really unclear.

This ending was shot in September miller, Cavil, gadot, Keaton And call, An ending that was not retained as plans changed completely.

A third ending overseen by DC Studios (James Gunn and Peter Safran)

But thunderbolt since november zaslav declares that he has found his, or rather his rare pearl: the James Gun and manufacturer Peter Safran to head the new autonomous unit dc studioWhose purpose is to oversee all projects DC With reference to movies, TV series and video games. And for the one who calls a new direction, a new ending glitter who was it for dc studio ideal project to end ten years of the universe, DCEU,

dcu It aims to offer a new vision, new stories, new characters without relying on previous films. glitter So this new universe, announced at the end of January 2023, was the perfect opportunity to make a gradual transition. Gun And Saffronhead over to dc studioquickly understood that the presence of Cavil Or gadot Completely compromised with the plans for the next ten years. One of the first steps of the two was to remove the film from the film Cavil And separated from Jenkins.

According to many people associated with the film glitterThe directors then looked for other solutions, but wanted to keep the main idea of ​​the film’s ending. glitter , barry allen Thinks everything is fine, but at the last moment they get the worms out of him. He also brought up an idea he had scoffed at earlier in the filming process: “How many Batman can we have?” cluny was mentioned and Gun And Saffron jumped at the chance.

Both contacted K’s agent cluny at the house of CAA, Brian Heavy, and showed him the edit of the nearly completed film. they liked it and showed it cluny, The latter appreciated this and agreed to participate. A shoot was quickly organized and, on a January morning, based on whistleblowers, cluny were present in the role of WayneBack for the first time in over 25 years.

miller was also present, making his first appearance on set since that fateful day in August when he met from luca And Abdi to discuss his controversial behavior (including several arrests) and steps forward to exit glitter under the best possible circumstances.

miller Sources said he was in top form on the day, with what was described as a quick and efficient shoot. cluny And miller In between time spent together, the veteran actor chatted with the younger actor, giving him encouraging advice on how to live in the public eye and behave in public.

Warner Bros. Search Hence this third ending was retained. An ending that was not tested before being released on screen, as the film’s version featured cinemacon There was no end. Now You Know the Three Different Endings of the Movie glitter, we understand the situation Gun And Saffron To make such a decision is because the first two endings didn’t exactly fit with this idea of ​​rebooting (or soft rebooting) the universe.

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