The Flash, the trailer of the film with Ezra Miller will arrive soon

Breaking news reports that the trailer for the movie The Flash about the DC Comics speedster starring Ezra Miller will debut soon. Come find out when!

After the news of the farewell of Henry Cavill like Superman and the massive restoration project that James Gunn decided to adopt for the DC universe on screen, we had almost forgotten that a stand-alone of should arrive in 2023 The Flashaka Barry Allen the scarlet speedster played by Ezra Miller.

The Flash movie trailer coming soon

The film will be based on the saga Flashpoints and will see Barry Allen try to save his mother Nora, going back in time. Accidentally, however, the scarlet speedster will instead open a rift in the multiverse and meet different versions of heroes with whom he has collaborated in the past. Among them is Batmanwho in the film will be played by Ben Affleckwho reprises the role of the Dark Knight from after Justice League, but we will also have Michael Keaton who will wear the mantle of the Bat again after the film Tim Burton of 1992. In The Flash we will also meet the latest version of Supergirlplayed by Sasha Calle. At the moment there is no news on the cameos of Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, whose stand alone with the two protagonists have been eliminated from the project of Gunn for the DC Universe.

The lead actor, Ezra Miller, in 2022 he encountered several legal problems, which led to the production of the film being postponed and for a period there were rumors of a possible recasting. However, according to the latest news, the presence of him in the role of Barry Allen in the DC Universe is confirmed and the film, which has been in the works since 2014, is expected to debut in the next year. The Flash has undergone a series of postponements, sometimes due – as we have mentioned – to its leading actor, other times due to problems related to the development of the film itself. At the moment it is confirmed that the film it won’t be out until summerdue to some post-production problems.

Also, listen The Wrapthe Warner Bros. Discovery would be ready to release the first official trailer of the film. To see it we will have to wait for the first months of 2023, in detail: the Super Bowl, a traditional occasion during which Studios usually launch exclusive clips and interviews of the year’s most awaited films. For 2023, the Super Bowl date is set at February 12thwhich is why it is logical to believe that on that day we will finally have the opportunity to see the first scenes of The Flash Of Ezra Miller.

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