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Sep 12, 2023

Will we one day see Anna Wintour in a Paris Saint-Germain jersey? The image may make you smile, and yet it seems less and less inconceivable. This essential item in the fan’s kit has managed to carve out a place of choice in the wardrobes of fashionistas to the point of being invited to Fashion Week, in the front row as well as on the catwalks. Enough to make the football jersey a fashion piece in its own right.

Overalls, work overalls, sock slides, cycling shorts, or even Crocs… The fashion world has for several years been enjoying taking popular codes to make them their own and transforming them into equally ‘fashionable’ pieces. than ‘bankable’. A phenomenon which resulted in discovering in full confinement, and for the first time, the popess of fashion, Anna Wintour, in jogging pants in the middle of her opulent library. A clash of genres which does not seem to displease either the public or luxury designers, who continue to seize street codes. The proof with the football jersey, which has risen in just a few months to the rank of a piece that is more fashionable than fashionable.

Fashion and football, a winning duo

The relationship between fashion and football is not new, but it seems that things have accelerated in recent years, with collaborations, collections, or renowned ambassadors.

It must be said that although football is popular, it nonetheless remains a sport that moves – and galvanizes – crowds. The proof: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are today the two most followed personalities on Instagram, with 604 million and 486 million followers respectively. Enough to turn heads, and make the biggest luxury houses want to invest in this new playground.

It is no coincidence that Kylian Mbappé (108 million subscribers) became the fashion and perfume ambassador of Dior, then Oakley, and recently the face of Rimowa. Nor if houses a priori unfamiliar with the world of football, such as Balenciaga, Yohji Yamamoto, Stella McCartney, or even Koché – who for his part has never hidden his passion for this world – have offered collections to effigy of football clubs, real or imaginary. Collaborations which have not gone unnoticed, have won over a large audience, and have helped to propel the football jersey to the forefront… of fashion.

Beyond offering the possibility of supporting your national team or club of your heart, these one-off collections also allowed the public to show their colors while wearing ultra fashionable pieces. A rare occurrence if we consider the range of the perfect supporter, whatever their sport of choice. It must be said that the football jerseys upcycled by Koché, in partnership with AC Milan and the Puma brand, are sure to appeal, just like those exhibited by Football Balenciaga. And unsurprisingly, the trend caught on, giving birth to blokecore, an aesthetic praised to the skies by Kim Kardashian herself.

Supporters at Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian wearing a vintage Roma jersey, then Paris Saint-Germain, then walking the pitch at Drive Pink Stadium, in Florida, for Lionel Messi’s debut at Inter Miami. It was enough to motivate the most reluctant to become passionate about football. As a result, football fans have in turn become ultra stylish, in the stands and in the street.

But the birth of blokecore must actually be attributed to user Brandon Huntley, who filmed himself wearing a football jersey, jeans, and sneakers, with the message: “the most essential trend of year 2022: blokecore”. The phenomenon is now so powerful that the aesthetic has generated more than 500 million views to date, first attracting social media users and then fashionistas.

Today it is no longer just a question of wearing a football jersey with jeans, or jogging pants, but of integrating it with the fashion trends of the moment: a pleated skirt, baggy or cargo pants, shorts, or even to wear it over a dress, or even solo with a pair of boots, moccasins, or ballerinas.

The important thing is to mix genres, and to play the daring card, by combining this sports-inspired piece with ultra fashionable pieces (multiple jewelry, a blazer, lace, an it-bag, fishnet stockings, etc.). Many celebrities have already adopted the trend, like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian, but the football jersey has also established itself as one of the street style stars of Copenhagen Fashion Week, and is starting already being emulated in New York where fashion week is in full swing.

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