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To land this first role, he slightly lied…

bradley cooper is one of the actors who took their time (not to say rowed) before succeeding in becoming essential. It was thanks to the success of the comedy Very Bad Trip in 2009 that his career took a decisive turn. He was then “already” 34 years old. Yes, it’s almost old in Hollywood!

But, of course, Bradley had already had the opportunity to show off his acting skills. It’s just that you had to think about taking a look at the side of the secondary roles… So we’ve seen him in a few films and series, including a handful of episodes of Nip/Tuck (in the role of an undrinkable actor, star of a soap opera called Hearts and Scalpels…) but above all A.k.a in which he played Will Tippin, journalist and BFF from Sydney. He played in this spy series for the first two seasons, between 2001 and 2003 – before making two short appearances in the third and fifth seasons. But two years before joining the cast ofA.k.aBradley Cooper had played in a mythical series: Sex and the City.

Bradley Cooper: a short stint in Sex and the City

In 1999, 24-year-old Bradley had a blank CV: he studied drama at the Actors Studio, but to earn a living he worked as a doorman in a luxury hotel in New York (where he saw beautiful people pass by, including a certain Leonardo DiCaprio). Landing a role, even a small one, is his life’s dream. And when the opportunity arises to meet the girls of Sex and the City in the second season, he does not hesitate to lie when passing his cast.

His character should drive? No problem, he is in control, he has just taken lessons in a driving school. Except that when he finds himself behind the wheel of a 1962 convertible, he discovers that it is a manual gearbox. And not automatic as he thought. Oops.

Suffice to say that Bradley does not lead wide, “it was like driving a bus. I had Sarah Jessica Parker in the passenger seat, I was afraid to knock him against the dashboard », will tell a few years later the actor. He still manages to shoot his scene – which includes a kiss (but be careful, without the tongue) – and will remain for fans of Sex and the City, Jake, the one who almost packed Carrie (ah yes, between them, it won’t go much further). For Bradley, this shoot was a bit of a nightmare, but it was also a revelation : “It was 2:30 in the morning, they had blocked 14th street in Manhattan, there were hundreds of people shouting the name of Sarah Jessica and I was like, this is this imaginary world that I like to watch on the screen . I feel at home. »

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