the forgotten singer struggled with breast cancer. How is she?

  1. Anastacia’s career was interrupted twice by illness

  2. Today the singer has had a double mastectomy, which means that her breasts have been removed

  3. Paulina Młynarska, Angelina Jolie and Sharon Osbourne also underwent this procedure

  4. More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Anastacia’s disease. She heard twice that it was breast cancer

When Anastacia was at the height of her music career, her health problems began. She had previously suffered from an eye disease, as a result of which she had to wear distinctive glasses – one of her hallmarks. When she was 13, she was also diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the digestive system. When it is active, it can, inter alia, make it difficult to get pregnant.

In 2003, doctors diagnosed the singer with breast cancer. Anastacia had to suspend touring and undergo surgery and radiation therapy. Then she was sure that everything bad was over. It turned out, however, that the cancer flared up again after 10 years. In 2013, the singer was forced to cancel her tour and take care of her health. This time it was necessary to perform a double mastectomy, i.e. a procedure involving the removal of the breast. Then they were reconstructed.

Since then, Anastacia strongly encourages her fans to self-examine their breasts. Quick detection of changes gives great chances of recovery.

In turn, mastectomy largely eliminates the risk associated with breast cancer. Recently, Paulina Młynarska underwent a preventive treatment. Previously, it was also Angelina Jolie and Sharon Osbourne.

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What’s up with Anastacia today?

Today, almost 10 years after the last surgery, the singer is healthy and doing well. Cancer is just a memory for her, but so strong that Anastacia is strongly committed to promoting breast cancer prevention and awareness.

As for her professional life, the singer has had recent successes. Recently, she triumphed in the program “The Masked Singer Australia”.

Mastectomy – who can do it? How much does it help?

Prophylactic mastectomy is not a procedure reserved for celebrities. It is also not a whim. In Poland, it can be performed at the National Health Fund. However, only when there are indications for it.

– In Poland, a huge number of women qualify for prophylactic mastectomy – between 100,000. and 300 thousand, because that many Polish women are carriers of the mutated BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which cause breast and ovarian cancer – calculated for Medonet prof. dr hab. n. med. Zoran Stojčev, Head of the Oncological Surgery Department of the Radom Cancer Center.

Thanks to a prophylactic mastectomy, the risk of developing breast cancer drops to almost zero.

– The cancer risk drops by about 98%, which means that after the surgery, patients are “safer” than average Polish women – explained Prof. Tadeusz Pieńkowski, president of the Polish Breast Cancer Research Society. – The risk does not go to zero for two reasons, first, in some women in one of the breasts removed, it is possible to find a small tumor that could not be detected before. Secondly, after the operation, small fragments of the gland may remain unremoved. The surgeon is not able to remove all of them, so there is a risk that the cancer will develop in remnants of breast tissue.

Paulina Młynarska, sharing the information about her mastectomy with Internet users, appealed to all women who read this post.

– With the same indication as mine, when I decided to undergo surgery, I reduced the risk of developing a malignant breast cancer by about 90%. I want to ask you something: make an appointment for your screening tests! Mammography, ultrasound, cytology or whatever else you need to monitor.

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