The former player of Legia Warszawa pointed out those responsible for the crisis. “It’s a disease. Outstanding transit footballers.”

Legia Warsaw is suffering from a huge crisis. Dariusz Czykier, a former football player of this club, sees the guilty parties of this state of affairs in foreign players.

The situation of Legia in Ekstraklasa from the queue to the queue is getting worse. The Polish champions lost as many as seven league matches in a row. They occupy the seventeenth place in the table.

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It can be said that the team only exists theoretically. According to Czykier, this is because of the bad structure of the train.

– Today’s disease of Legia are foreigners, clearly not interested in playing one hundred percent of their abilities – said Czykier in “Przegląd Sportowy”.

– They look like very “transit” players, earning great money, but not particularly attached to the place and club they are just represented – added the former footballer.

Czykier points to Luquinhasa as an example of a spectacular decline in form, who, as he emphasizes, has proven his skills in the past.

– Today he looks like a guy who requires nothing of himself. They remained similar. Once upon a time, our league used to mock laziness on the pitch: “F ** k, I don’t fuck, but I’ll run.” The present legionnaires rarely even want to run – Summed up Czykier.

Some of the fans found a scapegoat in Cezary Miszta. We write extensively about the young goalkeeper HERE.

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