The former Tom center is the new Nico Clothing and opens on Friday

After years of battles, the former Tom Tommasini center in Santa Maria di Sala comes back to life and now reopens, with the inauguration on Friday at 9 am, under the name of the Nico Clothing Footwear group in San Zeno di Cassola (Vicenza). After the auction for 7 million and 520 thousand euros in November 2021, following the failure of the previous managements, in January Nico began the renovation of the external part of the store, the systems and the common parts. And after 9 months of work, it is now reopening its doors to the public, opening two stores inside the shopping center.

“We have hired 33 of the 50 workers of the former Tom center, who have given their availability. Another 4-5 employees arrive from our previous Preganziol store, closed and moved to the new shopping center in Santa Maria di Sala, 42 workers are new collaborators, mostly local people “, explained the director of Nico spa, Andrea Pizzato.

The commercial complex, whose exhibition spaces exceed 12,000 square meters, will host two Nico stores (which, together, reach 8,000 square meters and bring the total sales area managed by the Group to 55,000), with a wide range of clothing, footwear and sports for the whole family, as well as a careful selection of underwear and home furnishings. There is also space for Beauty Star and Dal Maso Jewelery (which reconfirm their respective locations within the Center), as well as Ottica Veneta and Pedron Caffè-Dall’Acqua Bar Filovia. The other commercial spaces remain available and awaiting lease.

“This new opening represents a fundamental moment for our company, consolidating a presence that in northern Italy already sees the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso, Verona, Belluno, Udine, Brescia, Bologna and Mantua – comments Pizzato – When this was presented opportunity, we immediately believed in the project. We are confident that the investment, whose value exceeds 12 million euros, will repay our expectations ».

Nico Clothing Calzature has been operating in the fashion industry for over 60 years, retailing clothing, footwear and home furnishings. Currently, the group has 13 megastores located between Italy (11) and Poland (2), in addition to online shopping ( «The pulsating engine of the whole system is the over 660 employees. The challenge we face pushes us to improve our current and future business decisions, perfecting a sales and customer service model that has always distinguished us », says Stefano Lago, president of Nico spa.

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