The four friends together from elementary school died in the accident in Treviso –

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Daniele Ortolan, Xhuliano Kellici, Marco Da Re and Daniele De Re, killed in the accident in Godega di Sant’Urbano (Treviso), were childhood friends. Marco’s mother: «he was a serious boy. He had to start his holidays “

Godega di Sant’Urbano (Treviso) –
The cyclist, the football goalkeeper, the swimmer and the worker. A friendship born at school – since elementary school – and cemented day after day. Soccer games, bike rides, evenings together, as teenagers and then as adults, she spent talking about everything and nothing. The boys who died in the terrible crash of the other night all lived in these parts, in the villages bordered by the 13 Pontebbana state road that unites Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. And the mayor of Caneva Dino Salatinwhere the eighteen year old Marco Da Re, to tell, still in tears, “the same devastating scene, experienced by all four families”. It is that of the arrival, “already early in the morning, of the patrols of the Stradale who communicated the tragedy to parents. I think of the pain of these fathers and of these mothers, but I also think of the pain experienced by the agents before ringing the bell ».

Marco Da Re, passionate about engines

Salatin went to see her yesterday morning mother of Marco Da Re“Tried years ago by the loss of her husband, struck down by an incurable disease”. Lorenzathat’s the woman’s name, spoke of “a son with no crickets in his head, a serious boyWho knew what he wanted: he had preferred work to study. And after two years spent on the benches of a professional institute in Vittorio Veneto he had looked for a job. Crazy for engines, “especially for motorcycles”, he was attending an internship at the Ecomaster in Orsago. Before leaving, the mayor hugged Lorenza. And she in tears said to him: “From tomorrow he would be on vacation …”.

Daniele Ortolan, the swimmer

5 pm, Orsago.

Here – in a house near the central square – lives the family of Daniele Ortolan. The town is deserted, there is only one bar with the shutters up. “I opened at eight – says the owner – and I saw the police car arrive …”. Then he just adds that he would like to «embrace

Tiziana », the boy’s mother. Here everyone knows her too because she is the owner of a haberdashery, “the Rainbow”. Then there are the pain and grief “, expressed in a note, of the” Marcantonio Flaminio “scientific high school attended by eighteen year old registered with a swimming club, the “Nottoli”. And the president Ambra Polesel which al Piave newspaper-Qdpnews.itshe describes, distraught, “a high-level competitive athlete who now, studies permitting, worked in the pool as an instructor and assistant to bathers”.

Xhuliano Kellici, the former goalkeeper

Near the station stop some boys in sports suits. They knew well Xhuliano Kellici, the eighteen year old of Kosovar origin who lived in Cordignano. «I played football with him right in Orsago, among the Allievi. He was a very strong goalkeeper – is the story of Mohamed, air saddened by the “bad news” learned this morning -, always owner. Then we lost touch because we both changed teams. Months ago we met by chance: he had told me that he had left football but was thinking of starting over …“.

Daniele De Re, the cyclist

He also lived in Cordignano –

with his mother Federica, father Ivano and little brother Giulio
– also Daniele De Restudent at is Kennedy in Pordenone, cyclist fairly talented. “He was a good pistard, he had won several races between Beginners and Allievi” is the memory of IVain Pessotto, team manager of the “Bosco Orsago”, the team with which he had long been a member
Daniele and that he had recently left for Spercenigo, also in these parts. Some journalists stop in front of the young man’s house. Mom Federica looks out from time to time, wants to talk about her son and remembers the holidays of «a few days ago in Valtellina and the ride all together on the Red Train». She then she finds the strength for an appeal: “Guys, be careful when you are behind the wheel: be careful“. And he goes back into the house. In the evening, to the four families the governor of Veneto Zaiasaying he was “dismayed”, he expressed his “nearness“.

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