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Would you buy bitcoins? Before giving an answer, think about what you know about the subject. Do you know someone who has actually bought it and what results did that person get?

Well, here we go: Bitcoin is a virtual currency and the first decentralized currency in the world, that is, it is totally under the control of its owner, not depending on banks, governments or companies as an intermediary.

Once you own a bitcoin, you can use it the way you want, different from what happens with reais or dollars, which will always be subject to regulations and bank fees or those of the governments of your countries.

But now that you have a better understanding of what bitcoins are, you might wonder what these digital currencies are for. In December of last year, Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, stated on his social network (in response to a question from rapper Cardi B) that bitcoin will replace the dollar.

Basically, just as the banknote once replaced the exchange of goods and services as it did in the age of feudalism, digital currency must replace physical currency. Bitcoin is not just a way of making money or investing, but the evolution of money itself, the future.

Want to see it in practice? Victor Freire, 25, from Taubate, who had international experience, and now, based in São Paulo, found in bitcoins not only his source of income, but also a way to share his experience and knowledge with others.

Victor first bought digital currencies in 2015, when he realized that they would be the way to the future and that, therefore, they would tend to appreciate a lot over time, being a great source of investment.

After breaking his head on cryptocurrency platforms, making mistakes and successes when investing, he developed the world’s first cryptocare, was developed based on a tripod: Caring (following the entire user journey within the platform, showing paths and facilitating the experience in the cryptocurrency universe), performing (reaching the maximum potential in the execution of everything that is proposed) and simplify (make the world of digital currencies something simpler: in use, understanding and relationship).

Victor, after using several complex and non-intuitive cryptocurrency services, understood that the lack of clear and simple information about the procedures and operation of digital currencies was a cause of insecurity to take the first step and even of giving up for many people. Thus, he designed, to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency, in a simple and easy way, even for the layman.

And for starters, has a super promotion: all people who register on the platform during the month of June will have the chance to earn R$250 in bitcoin, to understand, in practice, how it is possible to start with little and get results. 4 people will be drawn, so don’t waste time. Go to the website to participate in the promotion.

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