The Galaxy Watch 4 chews on the Apple Watch. Samsung is growing in strength

The importance of Korean Samsung is growing in the arena of smartwatches. Thanks to the premiere of Galaxy Watch 4, the giant managed to bite the Apple Watch’s position and take away a few percent from the leading position.

Apple Watch is still the undisputed king of smartwatches, but let’s not get used to it too much – the changes in the smartphone market and the astronomical increases in realme prove that nothing is constant in technology. In fact, it’s always been the case, because the mobile world is littered with deadly brands.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch is a bull’s eye

Samsung’s latest results prove that Apple cannot rest on its laurels. In the third quarter of 2021, smartwatches were bought 16% more willingly, and moreover, we paid more attention to the purchase of Galaxy Watch models – we can believe that the new Galaxy Watch 4 is responsible for the increase in the position of Koreans.

photo: Counterpoint Research

Galaxy Watch 4 is a completely new opening to the yard of wearables – it has the WearOS system, a beautiful screen and many more applications to use. In addition, it is available at a reasonable price, which is why I am not surprised by the increase in popularity of Samsung smartwatches from 9.9 to 14.4%.

Apple has suffered the most from the growth of the Korean giant, which no longer occupies 28%, but 21.8% of the market. Will Samsung be able to shake the Cupertino corporation even more in the next quarter? I do not think so, because only now we will know the scale of popularity of the new Apple Watch Series 7.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 officially. Wear OS, payments and brilliant features, and the start-up promotion is shocking!


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