The Gambia has elected a president. The voting system is unique [ZDJĘCIA]

  • Adam Barrow, 56, became President of the Gambia for the first time in 2017. He has now won a second term
  • In the former, Barrow changed the name of the country from the Islamic Republic of Gambia to the Republic of Gambia. He also released political prisoners and abolished the death penalty
  • In Poland, voting takes place with the help of glass balls, which voters throw into tin polls. A relic from the time of the British colony is considered by many Gambians to be derogatory
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When the British left the Gambian colony in 1965, they ordered a specific way of voting in elections. In independent Gambia, many citizens still could not read and write, hence the idea of ​​using glass marbles emerged. The voters were to throw the balls into the ballot boxes, and after counting them, the election commission announced the winner.

This relic has survived to this day, a The Gambia is the only country in the world where voting is done without ballots.


Voting in The Gambia is done with glass balls

How is voting in the Gambia?

On election day, the people of Gambia are given glass marbles. In the polling stations there are metal urns with the images of the candidates. The ballot boxes are also painted in the colors chosen earlier by the people running in the elections. In addition, there is also a drum inside, which tells the election commission how many balls have fallen inside.


Ballot boxes in Gambia, into which glass balls are thrown

If committee members hear one beep, the vote was correctly cast. If more: it means that the voter is cheating and he brought more balls to the place. Then the vote is canceled and the committee informs the police officers about it.

The derogatory way of conducting elections

Gambiters, especially young people, appeal to the authorities to change the electoral law. For most of them, this relic from the past is derogatory because it refers to a time when the citizens of the country could not read and write.


Counting votes after the presidential election in the Gambia

In addition, voting with glass balls may lead to the falsification of the election result. “Democratic orders may result in a large number of candidates standing for the election, the votes of voters will disperse and someone voted for by a handful of people will become the president of the country” – reports the Gambians’ discussions by Wojciech Jagielski in “Tygodnik Powszechny”.

The winding road to the presidency

On Saturday, December 4, 58-year-old Adam Barrow won the presidential election in Gambia. Back in 2017, when he started his business for the first time, he was a little-known construction entrepreneur. He just got re-election, winning 53 percent. votes.

Barrow came to power in 2017 purely by chance. He left Gambia to study in Great Britain. There, for some time he worked as a night watchman. He returned when the country was ruled by Yahya Jammeh, who initially gave the impression of a democratic leader and eventually turned into a tyrant.


Adam Barrow, President of the Gambia

Before the 2017 elections, Jammeh had his biggest rival, Ousainou Darboe, imprisoned. However, the opposition put up a rival candidate, Adam Barrow, who unexpectedly defeated Jammeh.

Barrow – President who abolished the death penalty

For The Gambia, Barrow’s presidency has proved revolutionary. He released most of the political prisoners and announced free education. One of his first decisions was to change the name of the country from the Islamic Republic of Gambia to the Republic of Gambia. He also abolished the death penalty.


The Gambians took to the streets after Adam Barrow won the presidential election

In this year’s election campaign, Barrow promised, inter alia, co-financing the construction of roads and bridges. But it will also deal with the consequences of the pandemic prevailing in the country. The Gambia earns its living mainly from tourism and the cultivation of peanuts. The World Bank says half of Gambia’s population lives on $ 2. daily.

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