The Game Boy case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy in working condition. And probably with illegal games

A case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy that it’s actually a Nintendo Game Boy-like console with 36 games preloaded. A way to simultaneously (and illegally) carry a forgotten tactile gaming experience and a recent smartphone.

The cover is sold by The Case Universe, which has nothing else in the list. There are versions for Apple phones ranging from the iPhone 13 Pro Max to the iPhone 7, and from the S22 Ultra to the Note 10. The cost is about $ 39, shipping includes Italy and courier costs. are at least $ 2.95.

Those who have tried the cover in Android Authority have realized that they have not made the purchase of life. The build quality is mediocre, the physical keys come off occasionally and it is not known when the battery is about to run out. Among other things, it uses a microUSB port.

What about licenses for Nintendo games?

The 36 preloaded games will stay the same forever; nor should many of them be present on the cover, because there seems to be no official support from Nintendo. It would also be strange if he had given it in this form.

Among the games are Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Super Contra, Donkey Kong. We believe they are ROMs recovered online and installed in the Game Boy cover.

Android Authority reports that it is a Chinese emulator, but does not explain if the Nintendo games have been recreated and use only the name or are the originals.

Nintendo is very clear about the counterfeiting and piracy of its games. On the Australian site he opposes systems for copying original cartridges on a PC and then distributing the ROMs created in this way online. In Italy he refers to his anti-piracy program and also lashes out against emulators.

Open original

It is possible that over the years Nintendo has nevertheless been condescending towards the emulators available for Android and used mostly in a private and non-profit way.

The case of a Game Boy cover sold with unofficially distributed Nintendo games (even if only for the name used) would be much more serious.

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