The gang together again in the official trailer for the sequel That ’90s Show

The new sitcom will be available to stream on Netflix from January 19.

The moment that fans of That ’70s Show been waiting for more than 15 years has arrived. Or, at least, the appetizer arrived. The That ’90s Show official trailersequel to the iconic late 90s sitcom coming to Netflix on January 19, show Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama return as Eric, Donna, Jackie, Kelso and Fez, the original gang, as a new generation of Wisconsin teenagers, some of them their own children, reclaim their place in the Forman tavern, with Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith also back as Kitty and Red.

That ’90s Show: The plot and the new protagonists

We are in 1995, fifteen years after the finale of That ’70s Show. In these new 10 episodes we follow Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia (played by Callie Haverda), a teenage girl desperate for some adventure in her life…or at least a best friend other than her father, arrives at Point Place to visit her grandparents. Here Leia finds what she was looking for when she meets the vivacious and rebellious Gwen (Ashley Aufderheide, Emergency), the unofficial leader of a gang of boys that includes his adorable brother Nate (Maxwell Acee Donovan), his focused girlfriend Nikki (Sam Morelos), the sarcastic and insightful Ozzie (Reyn Doi) and the charming and flirtatious Jay (Mace Coronel, Colin in black and white). Under the watchful and caring eye of Kitty and the stern gaze of Red, Leia realizes that here she could live the kind of desired experiences that her parents know well, having done it before her, and convinces them to let her stay for summer.

Leia isn’t the only “daughter of” in That ’90s Show. The trailer reveals that the full name of Jay, the boy with whom she is immediately paired, is… Jay Kelso! He is therefore the son of Jackie and Kelso. Meanwhile, Fez, whose career has taken a rather obvious direction, seems to have given up on Jackie once and for all and has a new flame: Sherri (Andrew Anders, Better Off Ted), Gwen and Nate’s mom. Let’s see further Tommy Chong reprise his much-loved role of hippie Leo, while missing Danny Masterson (Steven), fired by Netflix at the time of The Ranch after allegations of sexual assault of some women.

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