The gates on the A1 and A4 motorways will disappear – significant changes from December 1. How do I pay for a ride?

December 1, 2021 in the year there will be a significant change on two sections of the motorway managed by GDDKiA. Toll gates will disappearso you will have to pay for the ride in a different way. There will be several methods, but not all of them will be intuitive for drivers. Especially those who have not previously bothered with such things as smartphone applications.

From December 1, 2021, tolls on motorways will disappear

Highway e-toll toll gate

It has been going to happen for a long time, and the plans will come into force soon. Everyone who used the A1 and A4 motorways could notice that something was happening at the toll booths. Renovations and difficulties are part of the changes introduced by GDDKiA, which will officially take place on December 1, 2021. From that day, the gates on two sections of the motorways – A2 Konin – Stryków and A4 Wrocław – Sośnica will disappear.. This applies to trucks, but also to those passenger cars and motorcycles (vehicles with a GVM below 3.5 tons). In other words, everyone crossing these two sections of the motorway will have to pay a toll differently from 1 December than it was before.

The liquidation of toll collection points can be extremely troublesome for many drivers. Especially for those who will not realize before the trip that such a change has taken place. The lack of a toll station on the motorway can be confusing, so be well prepared before the planned trip to avoid stress and a financial penalty later. There is a fine of up to PLN 500 for traveling on a toll motorway section without paying a toll. If it comes to the deliberate covering of license plates, you can also get it 500 zlotys penalties. The “order” will be guarded by a camera system on the motorway, and a fleet of police cars (102) will be added to that, which will be equipped with cameras to check license plates.

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Highway toll with e-TOLL – registration and payment

e-TOLL highway tolls

As reported by the Ministry of Finance, one of the main payment methods for journeys on sections A2 Konin – Stryków and A4 Wrocław – Sośnica is supposed to be an app e-TOLL. This one is available for Android and Apple devices, and its use will require prior registration. It’s a good idea to do this before your trip, not while driving. It’s kind of obvious, but it’s better to recall it. To register in the e-TOLL application, you will need a Trusted Profile, e-ID or mObywat. In the application, we provide the car’s data (registration number, vehicle weight class) and use it to make the payment. There are two possibilities here:

  • Account overpaid – the top-up is done via the Internet Customer Account or the e-TOLL application by means of a transfer, payment card or BLIK. The account can also be topped up at the Customer Service Center, where you can deposit, for example, cash. The tolls will therefore be collected from the account to which we will pay the money.
  • Account with deferred payment – as we read on the website: “The electronic toll is paid after receiving the debit note. The debit note is issued up to 7 business days after the end of the settlement period (after the end of the full month) with a payment term of 14 days from the date of its issue “

During the trip the e-TOLL application must be running constantly and it is also necessary to signal the start and end of the journey. Needless to say, the app can drain your battery, and comments on the Google Play Store show it’s not yet finished.

How to buy a highway ticket?

We can buy a motorway ticket directly in application e-TOLL Ticket or with e-TOLL partners and will be valid for 48 hours from the declared departure time. It will also be available for purchase in advance. Here you will also need to enter the date and time of departure, but also the planned route (motorway section). It will be possible after December 1, but the app is not yet available in the Google and Apple Store.

However, if we do not want to use the application, they will appear special points where you can make a purchase. Unfortunately, their locations are not known yet. It is most likely about gas stations on the motorway or at the entrances to it. There may also be special vending machines that may appear in parking lots.

Autopay also allows tolls on the motorway

Autopay highway tolls toll

Users are not doomed to e-TOLL, because there will be more applications that can pay for the trip. One of them will be Yanosik, but here we are still waiting for details. It is known that from December 1, 2021, such tolls on the section A2 Konin – Stryków and A4 Wrocław – Sośnica can be paid using Autopay. And here the method seems much easier than in the e-TOLL.

Belongs register in the Autopay application (e-mail address, telephone number, vehicle data – make, registration number) and select the source of payment (credit or debit card). You will also have to select the motorway sections that interest you, and the application itself must run in the background during the journey (you do not need to signal the start and end of the journey). Tolls will be charged automatically after the ride is completed, and the application uses the geofencing functionu. The location will be checked by point and phone, and Autopay will not have access to the route. Before reaching the gate, we will also get a push notification from the application.

The process of buying a motorway ticket at Autopay is very intuitive and convenient. You don’t need to know the names of the hubs or the exact date of your trip to buy a ticket in advance. This gives you complete flexibility in travel. When approaching the selected toll section of the motorway, the Autopay system will automatically purchase a ticket. The driver does not have to do anything, and the appropriate toll will be charged after the trip.

Robert Mikoś, Product Manager at Autopay Mobility

Source: GOV / Autopay

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