The Gdańsk center is looking for people willing to research vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza

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The medical facility in Gdańsk takes part in international studies on the effectiveness of combining COVID-19 vaccination and flu prevention. The recruitment of patients for the study is ongoing.

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Vaccination against COVID-19 and vaccination against influenza are a key element of prevention in the current infection season. It is still difficult to say whether the vaccination protecting against the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be seasonal, but due to the emergence of new variants, it is possible. Currently, the recommendations of scientists and medical societies recommend vaccination against influenza and COVID-19 at the same time, while research into the effectiveness of vaccination schedules is ongoing. The Gdańsk Health Center participates in one of such programs.

– The aim of the international research project in which we participate is to assess the effectiveness of immunogenicity (i.e. the strength of the developed immunity) in the case of the combined administration of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and the flu preparation – he explains Dr. Hanna Korzeniowska from the Gdańsk Health Center. – We compare the effectiveness by analyzing the level of antibodies in the case of people vaccinated with two preparations – at one time and one month apart. Everything indicates that the SARS-CoV-2 virus will remain with us, so research is needed to allow for effective seasonal vaccinations, and perhaps later to create a joint preparation that will protect against two diseases.
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Our patients are under constant control

In one group, vaccinations against COVID-19 and against influenza will be carried out in one shot, while in the case of the other group, they will be vaccinated with a one-month break. In both cases, laboratory tests will be carried out to determine the level of antibodies against the pathogen. Recruitment to the program also takes place in two age groups: up to 65 and among senior patients. Currently, the medical facility is looking primarily for patients over 65 years of age, because the places in the first group are slowly running out.

– We qualify adult patients – over 18 years of age, who are divided into two groups. Seniors, i.e. people over the age of 65, receive a boosted flu vaccine. We invite people who have not yet taken the third dose or have not yet vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 and have not been vaccinated against the flu this season – says Dr. Hanna Korzeniowska. – Our patients are under constant control (seven days after vaccination, we monitor their health in a special application, the patient is in contact with us by phone).
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Research is conducted in the United States, Belgium and Poland

So far, over 30 people have been recruited in Poland, who undergo laboratory tests at various intervals (on the day of vaccination, after one month and after six months) to first measure the baseline level of antibodies, and then analyze how the body’s protection changes. .

– The research is conducted simultaneously in the United States, Belgium and Poland. We assume that 70 patients will be examined in our center, although we can also increase this limit. Certainly, what is also interesting is the organization of post-vaccination care. A patient participating in the program can call at any time, obtain medical information, and, if necessary, attend a personal visit, laboratory or imaging tests – says Dr. med. Bartosz Trzeciak, project coordinator.
Perhaps in the future it will be possible to combine preparations – influenza and COVID-19, so that the prevention can be reduced to one injection containing both preparations.

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