The General Assembly of the Eurodesk information network will bring together more than 50 centers in Toledo Castilla – La Mancha newspaper cover

Eurodesk Spain, coordinated by the Youth Institute (Injuve), has a total of 70 points in the country. The objective of this meet is to provide youth mobility opportunities for learning and personal and professional growth as active citizens.

In this sense, the European Commission has designated this network as one of the dissemination actors of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes, reports the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda.

The General Assembly is the annual meeting place for all Eurodesk Spain points, on the one hand, pooling and exchanging experiences and activities and, on the other hand, proposing and creating ideas for improvements for the future. ,

Workshops, talks and discussion groups to define strategy, priorities and challenges for the coming months will be the central axis of this assembly, which will be inaugurated on Wednesday, May 17 at 9:30 am by David Lafuente Durán, Deputy Director General. Injuve, and the Director General of Youth and Sports, Carlos Alberto Yuste, and the Director General of European Affairs, Virginia Marco.

On Thursday, May 18, a plenary session will be held by Mara Canela Friel, Head of the European Program Area, Caroline Monteiro de Espinosa Haley, Head of International Mobility and Information Services, and Dana Gibbs Hernando, Technician at Injuve. From the field of international cooperation.

Finally, on Friday, May 19, there will be a workshop on the European YouthPass and the Europass tool by Manuel Diaz López, a technician at the Injuve International Cooperation Area, and David Delgado, coordinator of the Europass National Center.

Eurodesk Spain 2023, a fair with various information centers for opportunities in Europe, will conclude the General Assembly.

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