The German press comments on the US-Russia talks in Geneva

On January 10, after nearly 8 hours, the US-Russian talks, which took place as part of the so-called dialogue on strategic stability. Diplomats explained their positions on the Kremlin’s proposal to create a new security architecture in Europe. The discussion took place in the context of the mobilization of around 100,000. Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine.

At the moment there is no breakthrough in Russia’s talks with the West. The Kremlin responded sharply to the suggestions of a US State Department spokesman, who said that Russian soldiers stationed in the border areas with Ukraine should “return to the barracks”.

On January 12, another round of talks between Russia and Western countries will take place. This time in the formula of the NATO-Russia Council, which is a forum for consultations on security-related issues.

Germany: It is Putin who deals the cards

German journalists emphasize that the very fact of starting negotiations on the shape of the presence of NATO troops in Poland and the Baltic states and the future of Ukraine is a success for Vladimir Putin.

“In fact, it is always better to talk to each other than to hear the silence on the air. The mere fact that the conversations take place is already a success for the one who forces them by threatening in the background. So in this case for Russia. But what would be the alternative? until the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin steps down and withdraws his troops from the areas near the border with Ukraine? It would be risky and could take some time, “writes the local daily Die Glocke.

The “Rheinland” of Ludwigshafen points out that Putin achieved his goal of returning to the status of Russia from the Cold War period, when the United States discussed with the Kremlin “as equals”.

“For the ruler of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, only the United States counts, because they remain a superpower. He brought them to the table by means of war threats – but not only. He also sets the agenda, making maximum demands,” we read in the commentary.

“With his martial stance, Putin initiated a process that was not in his interest: the West is making ranks. NATO, which was often considered dead, is undergoing a renaissance, and neutral countries such as Finland and Sweden are trying to achieve mutual rapprochement. Russia has already felt compelled to warn against the accession of these two countries to NATO, because it would be exactly the opposite of what drives Putin, “says Straubinger Tagblatt / Landshuter Zeitung.

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