The Germans go to Poland for petrol. German police announce action

Due to the planned tax cuts, the prices of diesel oil and gasoline in Poland may fall further. Therefore, drivers from areas of Germany close to the border will probably go to Poland even more often to refuel. The federal police in Saxony wants to monitor this “tourism”.

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– After the announced reduction in fuel tax in Poland, Saxony’s federal police wants to keep an eye on fuel tourism. Fuel prices are already lower in a neighboring country, police spokesman Marcel Pretzsch said Wednesday.

“The Polish government has announced that from February 1 it will temporarily lower the tax on diesel and gasoline from 23 to 8 percent. This can make a liter of gas 15 cents cheaper. This measure is aimed at relieving Polish citizens from the effects of inflation, writes the dpa agency.

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“You can expect that if prices are lower, people from areas close to the border will decide to travel,” Pretzsch said.

The federal police will monitor the situation and coordinate with other authorities.

The media in Germany had previously informed about the increased interest of Germans in visiting Polish gas stations. Two days after New Year’s Eve, the daily “Ostsee-Zeitung” wrote that 2022 began in Świnoujście on the island of Usedom with kilometer-long traffic jams.

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“The drivers had to be very patient. The cars had almost exclusively German license plates and came from all possible federal states “ The newspaper wrote.

Apart from the inhabitants of Vorpommern, “mainly vacationers want to refuel at a reasonable price before returning home after their vacation at the turn of the year,” said “OZ”. Usedom is a popular tourist destination with visitors from all over Germany.

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For many drivers, the differences in prices – be it at a gas station near the border or in the center of Świnoujście, were reason enough to fill up with fuel before traveling home, as well as fill up a canister or two. On the way back, traffic jams formed in Ahlbeck, one of the so-called imperial resorts on Usedom.

According to the calculations of “OZ”, gasoline in Świnoujście is cheaper by more than 30 cents, and diesel fuel cost 19 cents less than in Germany.

In Germany, prices at gas stations have recently increased.

“The reason for significantly higher fuel prices in Germany is the introduction of a CO2 tax last year. This resulted in a rise in petrol prices at stations by about seven cents a liter and diesel prices by eight cents a liter. On January 1 this year, there was another price increase initiated by the government. The price of CO2 will increase by five euros to EUR 30 per ton of CO2. For the consumer, this means that the price of premium gasoline will increase by 1.4 cents per liter and diesel by 1.5 cents per liter at the pump from 2022. ” “OZ” explained.

In turn, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the 2.0 anti-inflationary shield in Poland, which he is assuming VAT 0% on gas, 0 percent for food, 0 percent for fertilizers, 5 percent on electricity and 8 percent. for fuel. This action is supposed to be at least a small response to the global rises in commodity prices and inflation raging throughout Europe.

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