The gesture of solidarity of Shakira: the company that produces her perfume began to produce alcohol in gel

In full pandemic, there are certain products that became staples for the hygiene that became scarce. At the global level, the alcohol in the gel practically does not get, and those responsible for their manufacture do not arrive on time with the supply to all sectors. While there are other methods to replace it-the most effective is to wash your hands well with soap – it became indispensable to have immediate protection and to step.

In premises that sell food, for example, health professionals, police and firefighters need to maintain areas in which continually circulates people resguardas of possible infection. It is essential to comply with this rule so that it does not spread the COVID-19. For this its missing becomes critical.

Against the background that they live, Shakira and their partners decided to move forward with a gesture that was applauded and recognized throughout the world. Through their social networks, the colombian singer told that they stopped the production of perfumes and provided the infrastructure the company has its bases in Spain in the manufacture of alcohol gel. On the same page, he said that the product will be donated to the Spanish government to be in charge of spreading it in an orderly way, arriving first at the places where it is most needed.

From his home in Barcelona, where it meets with the social isolation together with her partner, footballer Gerard Pique and their children, Sasha and Milanthe artist shared a series of photos on your Instagram, the social network that has over 6 million followers. There you can see the staff in full fabrication of the sanitary product that both is required for these days. In other images, it warns the finished product, in their packaging, to be packaged that is then carried to the places which corresponds, according to what established by the government.

On the other hand, took his time to write warm words to those who are helping and are being worked at this time as complex: “I Am very proud of the positive efforts that make the companies in difficult times like this. As my partners Puig, who gave the perfume factory to the production of products hand sanitizers, to donate to the Spanish government. A great example of doing the social good.”

The singer-songwriter refers to Puig, a multinational company of Catalan origin. Is intended for the manufacture of luxury perfumes, as a Carolina Herrera, Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier, and a number of celebrities have partnered to bring to market fragrances under his name. So it was that in 2008 he began his link with the colombian, with the creation of its first line of perfumes and spread until the present day.

With this initiative, manifested and declared very committed to the cause. In the last few days, messages that can be viewed on their networks, are intended to raise awareness and to order not to lower the arms in this fight. The order, from Europe, is that this side of the world and take the cases out there as examples so as not to repeat vicissitudes product of delays in decision making. “You must learn from the mistakes that we are paying in european countries, where they arrived too late.”

In terms of his private life, away from the scenarios, the singer is taking the opportunity to continue with their philosophy classes. Excited and blended, it was his partner, who filmed studying online. “It is a know-it-all”, was the phrase that I use Pique in the tone of a joke.

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