The gesture of solidarity of Shakira who moves to her hometown in the middle of the fight against the coronavirus

Shakira is usually in the news for any new song, or some show like that one of this year during half time of the Super Bowl along with Jennifer Lopez. Even, by the bond with her partner Gerard Pique, the player who plays alongside Lionel Messi in the Barcelona of Spain.

In this opportunity, your field has nothing to do with the music but with the health. In the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus, the singer decided to have a gesture of solidarity with his hometown, Medellin, Colombia.

The artist currently passes the quarantine next to Pique, and their two young children, Milan and Sasha, in Barcelona. There he lived near the first days of coronavirus, which already carries 6.2 million infected and 372 thousand deaths around the world.

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For that reason, and because it does not forget its origins, in the beginning, the star of the song had made recommendations on the basis of its experience in Europe to be taken into account in the Plan public Health Emergency.

Later, solidarity became inputs to the medical staff. And in this opportunity, sent a lot of fans for the Intensive Care Units (ICU).

The kiss of Shakira and the teams that he sent Barranquilla (Instagram @shakira / Twitter @LGPlata)

The kiss of Shakira and the teams that he sent Barranquilla (Instagram @shakira / Twitter @LGPlata)

The aid of the singer have always been channeled through the Barranquilla’s mayor, Jaime Pumarejo, who at every opportunity reported that the contributions to the inhabitants of the capital of the department of Atlantic.

On this occasion, Shakira sent 10 ventilators for assisted breathing, which are vital to the patients of coronavirus in a critical state, that are not able to breathe on their own, they can receive enough oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide.

As we read in the social networks of Pumarejo, fans apalancaran the health system of the region, where until Sunday, it had reported 13 new victims of Covid-19, the figure highest daily since the arrival of the pandemic.

In this way, the total of deaths had reached 107, of which 68 correspond to Barranquilla.

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Via Twitter, the mayor thanked Shakira with a video that sees him surrounded by health care professionals. Took advantage, of way, to stress that was always present from the beginning.

From Spain, the colombian artist said:
“Thanks to you and the staff of the Mayor’s office for their work, to the hands barranquilleras that I’m proud of manufacturing face masks to protect our at-risk population and for that message full of love!! I’m thrilled when they tell me Shaki!”, highlighted.

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