The gesture of solidarity of “The Rock” with a small fan that is fighting for its life –

Dwayne Johnson sings the song ‘Moana’ a child of 3 years with lymphoblastic leukemia.

Hyrum is a child of 3 years who suffers from leukemia and is complicated due to the Syndrome. The small is fánatico of “Moana” and according to his mother and watch the movie more than 10 times a day, because that is the character of Maui makes you feel strong.

“This request came to my desk and it was like a punch in the gut” started its publication.

“There is a 3-year old child named Hyrum Harris. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, complicated by the syndrome of Down”.

“In the fight of his life at this time and doing everything possible to keep you strong, seeing MOANA up to 10 times a day because the character that he loves, Maui what makes you feel strong,” he continued.

The actor of 47 years, began the video by saying: “This message is for a small child. He is 3 years old. And this little boy is one of the world’s most awesome, and it is certainly one of the strongest because he is a fighter. And in this moment, this child is in for the fight of his life”.

Johnson then introduced to Hyrum as he pretended that it was just a fan of the hit animated movie of 2016 in place of your star.

“I heard that you love to do a film called ‘Moana’, which is crazy, because I love that movie,” he said. “And I have also heard that you see” Moana “almost 10 times a day because the character that you love, Maui, gives you strength.”

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There’s a little 3 year old boy out there named Hyrum Harris. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia which is complicated by Down Syndrome. In the fight of his life right now and doing his best to stay strong – by watching MOANA up to 10xs a day because the character I have loves, MAUI makes him feel strong. According to Hyrum’s breast, his most important thing to say now is, I STRONG. Yes you are big man. Yes you are. Hyrum, I know I’m a complete stranger to you – who sounds a lot like your hero, MAUI (only with a very large head), but myself along with millions of other strangers who will watch this video are sending you so much love, strength and mana your way. I STRONG. Love, the Rock aka the dude who sounds a lot like Maui.

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Really a message very touching that moves us to tears, and shows us the kind of person who is Dwayne.

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