The gigolo Roy speaks and reveals: “I earn 10, 15 thousand euros a month. That’s who my clients are: I also had an 82-year-old poet …”

“I’m a chameleon, even a little parac ***. I just need a phone call to understand what a client wants and I adapt“. Well yes. Women also engage in paid sex. We never talk about it, it’s a taboo subject. He explains it to us Roy, gigolo by profession, entrepreneur and also a writer. He, a statuesque physique in a suit and tie, blue eyes and black hair, has seen it personally: there is no shortage of work. And he founded two sites where his colleagues also appear: young, muscular, elegant, romantic, wild, charming. And even grizzled experts. It depends on female tastes. Who are your customers? Certainly not unfortunate, as one might think of prejudice. They are married or single women, young or mature, who love discretion. In a word: they pay for the male’s exit. Immediately after. Without ifs and buts. Above all, they do not wish to be studded with calls, in order not to have problems or to discover disappointing universes in man. Roy says he wins them over with elegance and listening. Nice messages. Or, when appropriate, getting right to the point. Banknote on the table and away. Other than flowers. “If today you bring roses to a twenty-year-old she welcomes you like this: but where the *** are you going fool?”.

Roy, what is the type of your customers?
It is really varied. And it is certainly not represented by the ‘cougar’, if we want to call it that. 80 percent of my clients are married women who are neglected by their husbands, who want erotic experiences they don’t share at home. They are wealthy and often beautiful too. But they need discretion, they don’t want to ruin their marriage. Then there are widowswho with me feel they are not betraying the memory of their deceased husband. Singles represent a small part. And they are the ones who are afraid of relationships with the wrong, clingy, problematic men. Or people who disappear after their first sexual encounter.

How does the first contact from your customers take place?
I have had trusted clients for years, some for decades. Which I see every two weeks or even just once a year. By now there are almost fixed appointments with them. The new clients, on the other hand, arrive via social networks, my website or my two agencies. I understand immediately from the first conversation how to behave. I’m a bit of a chameleon and a bit of a para. Sometimes it’s best to go out to dinner first, other times go straight to the point without preamble. They mostly pay for a sex trade, but there are also those who consider it a side effect. I had an 82-year-old client, a famous poet, who only called me to go with her to lunch. She asked her for a thousand euros and she gave me double.

By the way: how much do you earn per month?
From 10 to 15 thousand euros net
. But it’s an amount that comes from both my gigolo work and my two web agencies. I also pay taxes. For occasional work as an individual professional and as an advertising agent. I got legal after a few tax checks and after finally understanding how to frame my job from a bureaucratic point of view.

Well, a salary as a regional councilor …
I’m not complaining. But look at that I work a lot. And I have to spend a lot of time on my appearance, on clothing, on the business side. The woman looks at everything, from the hair to the teeth to the eyebrows. And he usually chooses males who inspire confidence. Do you think that in my agency I have a professional in his sixties, with a white beard, who goes away like hot cakes. Over 50s would never call a 20-year-old, they don’t want problems.

But do you have young clients?
Sometimes they happen. But young girls are more strenuous, I admit. They don’t look very much at behavior, at style. They want to get straight to the point. To give an absurd example: if I brought flowers to a twenty-year-old I already know that she would welcome me thinking: “Buffoon where the f *** are you going with that bunch of flowers?”. From the series: I only want one thing from you. But there are other young people I work with: traumatized girls who have sexual blocks. To which the psychologist or psychologist recommend the path.

In these cases, do you become a kind of Red Cross nurse? A sex health worker?
Let’s not exaggerate. But it happened that a girl was afraid of being alone with a boy, due to a trauma she had in the past. She couldn’t even take the elevator alone with a man. She was also completely sexually blocked. We worked on this, on the advice of the expert who followed her, and slowly the block disappeared. I want to clarify that there are also very young, not traumatized, who choose to lose their virginity with a gigolo.

How did your career start?
For fun. Thanks to a woman. After graduating in Macerata, I moved to Modena. I was a representative and in the evening the stripper and the cubist to round up. The woman in question asked me to court her in front of her husband. I did it and got paid 200 euros. There was born the idea of ​​documenting myself on that world. And I chose my path.

What did he discover?
From a web survey, then in its infancy, I discovered that there were several men who proposed themselves. But they were all shaved, with swollen muscles, squalid and trashy. Half naked and with the penis retouched in photoshop. This is how they introduced themselves to potential customers. While I felt different.

So what did you focus on?
I started my first site and proposed myself in a suit and tie. Elegant, sober, charming. Serious. Requests started pouring in. Then visits to the site. Before, we were about twenty in all. Now, thanks to advertising on social networks, we will be around ten thousand. But those who work constantly are at most a hundred. You have to know how to do it. In my agency I give advice. I teach newcomers the tricks of reliability and discretion. Leaving the scene immediately after the meeting is essential.

Does word of mouth also work in your work?
Word of mouth works well in the gay and escort world. With us gigolos it is very rare. Paradoxically, women prefer not to share their gigolo with their friends. They do not want to create opportunities for confrontation and comparison that could provoke disagreements and jealousies, rivalries. It is a pleasant time all for them. An exclusive gift they give to themselves.

Have you ever fallen in love with a client?
I see that in her too there is a reminiscence of the fairy tale of “American Gigolo”, the film with Richard Gere. But the reality is quite different. Of course, I too have fallen in love with clients with whom I have felt very involved. But very short. Once out of bed they vanished. So I would talk about infatuations of the moment. Falling in love is like being drunk. I want to be lucid. Also in my work I have only seen the worst of marriage. Failure and betrayal: while we are in bed she replies to her husband that he is at the hairdresser. After all, the marriage of others is the basis of my profession. I am single and I intend to remain single.

When he’s not involved, how does he get aroused?
I focus on the best parts of a woman. Each has something beautiful. Even just her voice, her eyes, her hands. My ‘Stanislavskij’ method is this: I focus on the interpretation of my character. And the role I’m playing excites me: that of gigolo.

Upcoming projects?
I have already published two books: “A mirror image” in 2010, and “Love in cash” in 2016. The next will be a manual for gigolo, a vademecum taken from my experience on how to treat a client. But, given the short time I have left from work, I will have to work hard between one appointment and the next.

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