The goal of the 17-year-old rookie! Polish women are winning the world championship qualifiers! Soccer ball

Polish footballers, just like footballers, end this year in November with qualifying matches for the World Cup, which will be held in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. The first of the last two games were played on Thursday. The rivals were the lower-ranked Kosovars. The Polish women were undefeated in the qualifying round and they had to score three points to still count in the fight, at least for the play-offs.

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“Focusing on the result alone does nothing. The most important thing is to play a good game.” An interview with the coach of the Polish national football team

The game started badly for the players of Nina Patalon. Polish women were surprised after a corner kick in the 4th minute. Two of our players interrupted each other, and this mistake was used by Liridon Syla, who defeated Karolina Klabis, who jumped into the goal in place of the injured Katarzyna Kiedrzynek.

Ewa Pajor after scoring a Belgian goal, followed by Weronika Zawistowska.  17/09/2021, GdańskPolish footballers are fighting for the World Cup and are making a sensation. Without Pajor as without Lewandowski

Have a bad start. Polish women won with Kosovo in the qualifying rounds for the world championship

The conceded goal clearly surprised and knocked the Polish team off the beaten track. Until the 15th minute, the Polish women were not able to create a good situation for themselves, but at the end of the first quarter of an hour it should be 1-1. The 17-year-old Karolina Gec, who made his debut in the team, jumped into a well-crossed ball and it seemed that his head would place her in the net. A mistake was made by a Kosovo goalkeeper who initially left the goal but hesitated. Gec, however, missed the goal. It was, however, a signal that Polish women were regaining control over the meeting. Soon Zawistowska had a chance, but the ball bounced a bit in the penalty area and therefore did not give an accurate shot.

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The third warning was gone. In the 18th minute, Padilla Bidas had plenty of space on the right-hand side of the field and made use of it brilliantly. She raised her head and played to the center of the penalty area, and there Gec overtook her opponent, added a foot and scored on her debut.

Polish women were looking for more goals, but there was a lack of precision in finalizing the action. But in the 35th minute everything sounded as it should. Adriana Achcińska crossed from a free kick to the next post, and there Martyna Wiankowska was completely alone, who only added a foot and placed the ball in the net between the legs of the Kosovo goalkeeper. After the first half, the Poles were leading 2: 1.

Bonuses for Polish footballers for promotion to the World Cup? Bonuses for Polish footballers for promotion to the World Cup? “We haven’t heard”

From the beginning of the second half, Poland was looking for the third goal. Grabowska was close, and then Bidas. It is a pity especially for the latter situation, because after Bidas’ head shot from a few meters, the ball hit the Kosovar goalkeeper. The game was very jerky in the second half. The referee often interrupted the game as a result of fouls, and physiotherapists often appeared on the pitch. We waited for emotions until the last minutes of the match. First, the Polish women were close to a catastrophe, because Memeti came out alone with Klabis, but fortunately she struck badly and Klabis was the winner in this duel. Literally a moment later, two Polish women went alone with the Kosowianki goalkeeper, but Nikola Karczewska came in with Kolgeci’s dribble and lost the ball, instead of placing it in an empty goal by Natalia Wróbel. Fortunately, it has not had time to take its revenge. The Polish national team won with Kosovo 2: 1.

The Polish women won with Kosovo and became the leaders of their elimination group for at least a few hours. The Polish team is now flying straight to Belgium for the key qualifying match. This one will take place next Tuesday, November 30th.

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