The Goldbergs renewed for a tenth season, but what will become of Murray / Jeff Garlin?

ABC’s family comedy will return with season 10 but without the patriarch of the family: how will it finally leave the scene?

ABC renewed one of its most successful comedies, The Goldbergs, which will then return with a tenth season. This fall, however, viewers will have to say goodbye for good to one of the protagonists, the patriarch Murray Goldberg played by Jeff Garlin. Involved in an investigation for inappropriate behavior on set, the actor was fired last December but his character stayed on screen via some technical ploy. With the arrival of the new season, however, he will be eliminated once and for all: will the writers make him die?

The Goldbergs continues but without Jeff Garlin

On the American ABC network, ratings have always rewarded The Goldbergsfamily comedy created by Adam F. Goldberg loosely based on his own childhood and family in the 1980s (currently the second most watched sitcom on the net after The Conners). Jeff Garlin has played Murray Goldberg since the first episode of the series but was fired with immediate effect last December, following an internal HR investigation that found his misconduct on set. However, in subsequent episodes the character of Murray was still present: in fact, pre-recorded dialogue and a double with the face of Garlin superimposed in post-production were used.

As far as we know, the other protagonists will say goodbye to Murray forever in the first episode of season 10; we do not know, however, how his exit will be handled (it is very likely that the writers will decide to have the character die). Unfortunately, the series has already had to deal with a heavy farewell in the past, this time due to the death of one of its most beloved protagonists, George Segal, died in March 2021 at the age of 87 from complications from bypass surgery. Early in Season 9, it was revealed that his character, Pops, had silently died in his sleep. We will see if even in this case the authors will use a similar loophole.

In Italy the seasons 7,8 and the first part of the 9 of The Godbergs are currently available for streaming on Infinity +.

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