The “Gotti” athletics field expands with a 1.2 million euro project. Instead of the old locker room, a gym

In the Wednesday session, the Forlì town council approved the executive project of the multifunctional structure of the “Carlo Gotti” athletics field in Forlì. The investment, for a total amount of 1.2 million euros, will allow the construction of new buildings in the area previously occupied by the old changing rooms that have been demolished. “With this act – affirms the Deputy Mayor with delegation to Sport Daniele Mezzacapo – our municipal council wanted to give another concrete response to the needs of the world of sport, keeping faith with the commitment assumed in the mandate program”. The new multifunctional structure will be built in the area previously occupied by the old dressing room, which has become obsolete, obsolete and therefore already demolished “.

“The project – explains Mezzacapo – provides a total of over 400 square meters of building in which there will be a gym with a surface of 100 square meters that can be used both by athletes for physical activity during the winter period, and by institutions and companies. for initiatives and events related to sport. A large space, divided into women’s and men’s areas, will be used as a changing room, with showers and bathrooms. There will also be offices and rooms reserved for competition judges. Thanks to this structure, which flanks the athletics field, the grandstand with the rooms below, Forlì is increasingly proving to be able to host primary level events by accrediting our facility as a national barycentric reference point for events related to the disciplines of athletics. It is clear – continues the Deputy Mayor – that the intervention is dictated by two specific factors: the first is the necessary requalification of the specific area; the second is the desire to respond to the needs of the Forlì athletics world which in the last period have grown with an increase in members for the clubs that use the facility. We continue to invest in the territory and in sport, supporting the associative and scholastic world, dedicating the right attention to all disciplines, to the many athletes, to young people and to clubs “.

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